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Alex Jack does not own the Blooming Grove Studio. Rather, he is our friend and author of many books pertaining to the macrobiotic way of life and 9 Star Ki.

We sell 9 Star Ki personal publications. Alex provides personal readings. If you'd like a personal reading, you can use this link.

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Hi Friends,

On our March home page (a 4 Tree Month in a 9 Fire Year) we said:

".... This is a 4 Tree Month, in a 9 Fire Year, in a 2 Soil 9-Year cycle, in a 9 Fire 81-Year cycle. The cycle of support flows from 4 Tree, to 9 Fire and terminates in 2 Soil. This strengthens the mood of the 9-Year cycle but, since Tree feeds Fire, the annual ki and the ki of the 81-Year cycle will predominate, as well. Lively, expressive 4 Tree replaces last month's mood of stability (5 Soil). Now, there is less balance. All energy levels are very active, warm and lean towards the yin. This year, 9 Fire will be obvious during every month, because it's the annual ki and the ki of the 81-Year cycle.

We're still growing accustomed to the energy of the new 2 Soil 9-Year cycle, and it's far too early to grasp its full significance. The cycle will consist of 108 months and, so far, we've experienced one (February 2018). You can read more about the 9-Year cycle in the link below this commentary. In general, education and agriculture will come to the foreground. In February, the French study concluded there is a link between processed food and cancer – something that George Ohsawa was telling Americans over 50 years ago. As I write, teachers are striking for higher wages in West Virginia.

Nine Fire is the ki of interesting events and fortunate outcomes, but it is also the ki of rapid expansion and chaos. Destruction in local hot spots, such as Syria and the USA, could branch out to new locations. Nine Fire Donald Trump occupies the central 5 Soil position, this year (karma, politics). He is currently toying with the possibility of raising tariffs with most of the United States' trading partners. If poorly managed, this nationalist message could be globally harmful on many levels; similar to the isolationist mood during the previous 2 Soil 9-Year cycle (1937-1945).

Besides supporting Fire, the 4 Tree monthly ki is associated with late-spring, branching out, commerce, fruition, hope, romance, universal study, and making connections. Technical breakthroughs often appear during 4 Tree periods.

In April, we'll travel through another Tree month. During this March / April timeframe, watch for new developments in politics, science, human events and in the global economy. On the surface, some of these may appear to be disheartening, but the shifting ki includes elements of hope, fascination and discovery.

In the northern hemisphere and along the equator, this effervescent, rising energy will be bolstered by the advent of the spring season (3 Tree energy). This will strengthen the 4 Tree monthly ki and increase Fire.

If order is no longer imposed from the outside, we must find and then utilize our own sense of balance. If you look around, you'll see that most of the world's problems emanate from imbalance, self interest and ignorance of the truth....."

March was a chaotic, complicated month, as one would expect. The ki of April will be similar, promoting Fire.

March 14-
Stephen William Hawking passed away. He was born in Oxford on January 8, 1942, a 9 Fire Month in a 5 Soil year. This year, 5 Soil occupies the 1 Water position, a time when illnesses can return. In 1964 his doctors gave him no more than two or three years to live. Of his motor neuron disease, he said, "It shows that one need not lose hope."

He was a master at understanding the nature of the physical universe. "This complete set of laws can give us the answers to questions like how did the universe begin," he said. "Where is it going and will it have an end? If so, how will it end? If we find the answers to these questions, we really shall know the mind of God."

March 14-
Relations between Britain and Russia reentered Cold War status. Prime Minister Theresa May expelled 23 diplomats, severed high-level contacts and vowed both open and covert action against Kremlin meddling after the poisoning of a former spy. International relations with Russia continued to deteriorate during the course of the month.

March 16-
The European Union published a list of U.S. products it plans to introduce duties on if it is not exempted from Trump's steel and aluminum tariffs. The list contains dozens of products including breakfast foods, kitchenware, clothing and footwear, washing machines, textiles, whiskey, motorcycles, boats and batteries. Later in the month, China imposed tariffs on 128 U.S. products ranging from wine to oranges in order to “balance the losses” caused by U.S. duties. If enacted, these will devastate many rural households that supported Trump. Though clearly a 9 Fire issue, we also see an element of 2 Soil, the association with food.

March 17-
In keeping with the rising tide of global fascism, Xi Jinping was officially reappointed as China's president with no limit on the number of terms he can serve.

March 18-
In keeping with the rising tide of global fascism, Vladimir Putin "won" Russia's presidential election with 73.9% of the vote, after his main opponent, Alexei Navalny, was prohibited from running due to a trumped up conviction that eliminated him from the ticket. Putin voters were recorded voting dozens of times as poll workers stood by or even participated in stuffing the ballots.

March 25-
Hundreds of thousands of teens congregated in the nation’s capital in a first-of-its-kind student-led march against gun violence. The demonstration also took place in hundreds of cities in the U.S. and around the world.

The event was sparked by demonstrators who had lost 17 friends & classmates, only 5-1/2 weeks earlier. Nevertheless, they were chided by right-wing thugs who suggested that they cared about gun violence but not school bullying -- oblivious to the fact that they themselves were bullying the students. One FOX "news" commentator went so far as to attack one of the survivors because he hadn't been accepted to every college he had applied to. This suggests to us that the survivor will be 18 before the November midterm elections. We wonder how he'll vote?

March 30:
1,500 Palestinians were wounded and 18 killed, as they protested along the Gaza Strip's eastern border with Israel -- suggesting a long hot summer.

All Month:
Reminding us that we cannot ignore the influence of the 2 Soil 9-Year cycle (food, agriculture, education), teachers went on strike for a sustainable income in Oklahoma and Kentucky, following the previous strike in West Virginia.

As the month closed:
After tweeting 'Happy Easter' Trump said there will be no deal to legalize the status of young adult immigrants called Dreamers and he said the U.S.-Mexico border is becoming more dangerous. A few days later, he stated he would send military troops to guard the Mexican border.

During his presidential campaign, he continuously repeated that Mexico would pay for the wall, something the Mexican government has flatly rejected. Mexico’s presidential front-runner, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, launched his campaign close to the border, demanding respect for Mexicans and signaling he may take a harder line toward Trump if he wins the July 1 election.

“Mexico and its people will not be the piñata of any foreign government,” Obrador said in a speech in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, which borders El Paso, Texas. “It’s not with walls or use of force that you resolve social problems.”


Until further notice, 10% of all 9 Star Ki orders will be contributed to the International Rescue Committee's Refugee & Famine Relief campaigns.

Global Famine Relief

From Nameless - This Adobe Reader® (PDF) file may be shared freely.

SODIS® Flyer- describing a safe way to purify water in emergencies.

Articles Below:
'Precession of the Equinoxes' Link updated October, 2009.
'Arsenic in Our Food' updated November, 2013.
The Global Perspective is updated early every month.
The Annual Commentary is updated every year.
9-Year Cycle Commentary is updated once every nine years.
New Links and other articles are updated as they arise.

Link- Nine Star Ki and the Precession of the Equinoxes

Link- Arsenic in Our Natural Food -- Facts and Options

This Month's Global Perspective
(April 5 Through May 4)

This is a 3 Tree Month, in a 9 Fire Year, in a 2 Soil 9-Year cycle, in a 9 Fire 81-Year cycle. The cycle of support flows from 3 Tree, to 9 Fire and terminates in 2 Soil. This strengthens the mood of the 9-Year cycle but, since Tree feeds Fire, the annual ki and the ki of the 81-Year cycle will predominate, as well. As in March, all energy levels are very active, warm and lean towards the yin. This year, 9 Fire will be obvious during every month, because it's the annual ki and the ki of the 81-Year cycle.

This ki combination is a continuation of March's 4 Tree monthly house. Yet, in this case, the Tree energy is more raw and pioneering, with greater focus and definition. This will be especially true in the northern hemisphere, as the spring season brings warmth and increases human activity.

Last month, we said to watch for new developments in politics, science, human events and in the global economy, during the March / April timeframe. To consider the possibility that most events are influenced by the shifting ki -- a restructuring that, in the long run, will lead us into brighter days. So far, these birth pangs have exhibited some hopeful aspects but conditions remain unsteady. (I would suggest that global conditions have deteriorated during the previous two decades.)

To me, the immediate question is how extreme will conditions become, this 9 Fire year, before the tide turns and we see a marked improvement? Will the rising energy of April (especially in the northern hemisphere) bring thunder, or will it hold out until summer (9 Fire July, 9 Fire Year, 9 Fire summer)? Or must we wait until cooling Metal arrives in autumn?

This is very interesting on many levels. What do you think? How do you feel about it? Let us know.

Don't rule out 2 Soil. Teacher strikes in at least two states were underway when this April homepage was posted. And new events associated with alliances, food, agriculture and education will be supported by the ki of the 9-Year cycle. Also, watch for angry outbursts and new ventures (3 Tree) due to the ki of the month.

1 Waters- This is a beneficial ki combination for you. Make the most of it. Two Soils- Some challenges remain. Keep working on your dream. Three Trees- time for your karmic checkup. Four Trees- Some restrictions apply. 5 Soils- can go deeper, but should proceed with respect. Six Metals- New options open up. Sevens- You're in the spotlight now! Eights- Your outlook has become more reserved. And 9 Fires- Your outlook is now brighter. To succeed, make slow, steady progress.

For more information, see your online forecast and our detailed publications.

Active Tree supports doubly expansive Fire. (Phase II)

Time DurationKi NumberCharacteristicsNature
Month 3 Tree Rising Energy, Thunder Yang Opening Out
Year 9 Fire Illumination, Fortune, Chaos Kinetic Energy- Very Expansive
9 Year Cycle 2 Soil Agreements, Preparation Accumulation
81 Year Cycle 9 Fire Illumination, Fortune, Chaos Kinetic Energy- Very Expansive

The cycle of support flows from 3 Tree, to 9 Fire and terminates in 2 Soil. This strengthens the mood of the 9-Year cycle but, since Tree feeds Fire, the annual ki and the ki of the 81-Year cycle will predominate, as well. Until 2036, the influence of the larger 9 Fire 81-Year Cycle will continue to generate conditions that are interesting, illuminating & entertaining but, in the extreme, can become chaotic and explosive.

For more information on Nine Star Ki and the times, see our global predictions for the current Nine Year Cycle.

2018 is a Number 9 Purple Fire Year

February 4th, 2018 through February 3rd, 2019 is a 9 Fire year. Nine Fire is the most yin energy state. It is associated with the south, noon, summer, illumination, rapid expansion, chaos and entertainment; a time that supports both explosive conditions and fortunate outcomes. It is the ki of broad reaching events that can either thrill or disturb. It is a time of superficial distractions that cause diversions from the most practical path. Most diversions, however, being benign and of passing interest.

This is a very obvious energy because it is brilliant and active; all flash and charisma. Fire is bright, strong and ever-changing on the outside, yet without substance at the center. We quickly perceive this energy because it is on the surface, in the process of being released. It is kinetic energy at its peak. This is strikingly different then the ki of the previous year (1 Water- north, midnight, winter, depth, potential energy).

This the stereotypical ki of the movie-star or the politician, or of the way they influence our world. The thoughtless dictator who thrives on bravado and cares nothing for his citizens (Saddam Hussein was a 9 Fire). Or the brilliant doctor with the quixotic desire to heal the masses (Albert Schweitzer). This is the ki of sensational news and ostentatious advertisement.

Nine Fire is associated with good news and good luck, but excessive Fire can be very dangerous. Look at it this way -- too much heat, or kinetic energy, or chaos concentrated in a single location is bound to explode. In fact, 9 Fire is the ki of active subatomic particles (electrons and beta particles) and high energy electromagnetic radiation (gamma and x rays); the products of nuclear detonation. Due to Fire's extremely expansive nature, it can spread quickly. Isolated hot spots have the tendency to enlarge over time. Quarantine becomes epidemic. Battle becomes world war. So, this year, it is extremely important for our leaders to be honest, but also gentle and diplomatic. Do not add fire to fire.

The requirement for clarity is very important; especially at national levels. This year, the ki of government and politics occupies the 1 Water position. This is beneficial in many ways. It automatically produces a sense of balance (Water controls Fire) but Water can also generate a mood of suspicion and misunderstanding.

Nine Fire suggests caution around fire and in high places, like mountaintops and towers. Historically, this has been a bad year for airplane crashes.

Our new era of individual empowerment, freedom of choice and rapid global communication will continue to be challenged. New ideas and options will flourish, but will they be sufficient to turn the tide? That is entirely up to humanity and cannot be foretold. We must decide.

The Ki Flow

From a greater perspective, we can review the passage of the years. I advised our longtime readers & friends to see 2011 & 2012 (Metal years) as a "cooling off" phase in our new era of individual expression and responsibility, that began in June, 2005. As the Metal years closed, we had tangible proof that the role of the individual remained free and strong, even in dire circumstances. Examples were the Arab Spring and the exponential growth of social media.

We then traveled through the 2013 house of 5 Soil (karma, politics and control). Everything came under scrutiny -- to be studied, to be considered from all perspectives. For example, the nearly total gridlock in the American congress. In 4 Tree 2014 the world awakened. There were new discoveries and new avenues to pursue. New agendas. But hot spots around the world remained and there were basically two types. A struggle between personal rights and centralized control. And a clash between basic beliefs. It was in 2014 that we encountered the dark side of our new era of personal expression. We learned that if acts of constructive expression fail, then destructive expression can take root. Our initial enthusiasm faded as we realized that the global network of personal communication could be pirated and used for hatred and war.

2015 was a 3 Tree year within a 3 Tree 9-year cycle. (Three Tree is associated with early spring, rising energy, new beginnings and anger). The energy of 2015 sharply reflected the contrast between the positive and negative aspects of personal expression, magnifying the mood of the larger cycle.* Even more than 2014, it was a time of rapid progress and great upheaval, amidst contentious gridlock in congress.

* Beginning in 2009 the 3 Tree 9-year cycle had occupied the global background. (A sign of the times, Joe Wilson shouted "You lie!" at President Barack Obama in September 2009.)

2016 was a 2 Soil year. Two Soil is a peaceful energy; associated with food, farming, education, reaching out, forming alliances, planning, preparation, accumulation and stagnation. It was an important year to come to the table, to develop treaties and peaceful agreements. But due to the more active ki of the larger cycles (Tree & Fire) and the many world leaders who were too rigid to compromise, the peaceful opportunities were largely missed.

Then came 2017. A 1 White Water year. One Water is associated with midnight and winter. It was a time to speak clearly because Water can generate suspicion and misunderstandings. In the United States, North Korea and other nations, global leaders seemed to be more interested in promoting bravado, doubt and confusion. Sadly, our new era of individual expression has created so many voices and media outlets that people have tuned into the news they want to hear, instead of hard information from ethical journalists. This darkness, this miscommunication, this world of "alternate facts" is now commonplace.

In summary, over the course of the past decade, central governments have lost a degree of control while their citizens have gained power. At first, this appeared to be a very beneficial change; especially in oppressive regimes. But eventually, self-serving individuals and groups, intending harm, realized the value and acquired the same power. By the end of 2017, it was clear that even central governments had begun to falsely pose as individuals in the media, in order to regain influence and, in some cases, to manipulate political elections. Because we now exist amidst this state of chaos and confusion and because 2018's 9 Fire supports chaos and confusion, we must establish our own sense of stability.

Additional Notes:

These previous years have set the stage for Nine Fire 2018. We should also take the larger cycles into account. Whenever we have a 9 Fire year, we also enter a new 9-Year Cycle; in this case, 2 Black Soil. (For details, see the 9-Year Cycle article above.)

Keep in mind that, until 2036, we also occupy a 9 Fire 81-Year Cycle. So, we have a high degree of Fire to deal with, this year.

In the previous 9 Fire year, 2009, the outbreak of the H1N1 influenza strain became pandemic. I mention this because it's an aspect of 9 Fire that is often overlooked. Nine Fire is the most active energy state and, so, is associated with Brownian Motion (random activity, chaos) and rapid expansion. Local hot spots (battles, demonstrations, infections, fashions, etc.) tend to spread quickly.

9 Fire Research

Credit: Tuxyso / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA-3.0

July 17, 1955 – 9 Fire Month / 9 Fire Year / 9 Fire 9-Year Cycle / 9 Fire 81-Year Cycle
Disneyland opens to the public.

As usual, I have provided a list of previous 9 Fire years for you to explore. Also as usual, I've generally tried to avoid using battles, wars and other lethal events as examples. They are simply too depressing. Still, even when cherry-picking, a few ugly events were included. Where possible, the incidents have been placed in categories that reflect the various aspects of the ki.

Entertainment, Communications, Advertising:

The opening of Disneyland is a classic example. Or simply enjoying the flames of a campfire. Nine Fire's brightness and spontaneity lends itself to flashy, superficial incidents that are easy to share and enjoy. Nine Fire is the ki of the summer vacation and of Madison Avenue.

Famous, Newsworthy, Record Breaking:
Illumination, Exposure:
Fortunate Outcomes:

All the above are closely related. Fire illuminates and, as the most yin, expansive energy state, it surmounts the heights. When we occupy the 9 Fire position, we're more likely to receive recognition for our work, or our talent (or something could be exposed). There is a sense of warmth and "newness" that tends to support fortunate results, even when the means to the end are chaotic and challenging.

Naturally Warm / Tropical Conditions:

Meaning that 9 Fire's influence will be compounded along the equator, in the tropics, and during summer.


If you place a pot of tea on a hot burner, Brownian Motion will increase as the brew heats. Nine Fire is the ki of kinetic energy – the most active state. A little craziness and uncertainty is necessary and can be fun but, in the extreme, it leads to the next category.

Expansive / Explosive:

As mentioned above, 9 Fire is the most yin, expansive energy state. If the expansion is held back or bottled up, it can spontaneously release as an eruption or explosion. Fire is best handled thoughtfully and with a degree of caution.

Notable observation:

Items of interest that don't necessarily fit in any of the above categories but, nevertheless, exhibit the mood of Fire.

You can research the raw information here, in the Encyclopædia Britannica®. Just remember that the ki-year begins on February 4th and extends through January of the following year.

[1892] [1901] [1910] [1919] [1928] [1937]
[1946] [1955] [1964] [1973] [1982] [1991] [2000] [2009]

Here are some notes about previous 9 Fire years. Specific events are listed, along with attributes that illustrate the mood of 9 Fire. The majority of this information was gleaned from Wikipedia®, years ago, which used to be a good online resource. We may continue to refer to their "list of years" in the future but, in general, we're exploring other sources.

You will notice trends that are more informative than, perhaps, anything I can say in words. Some examples are interesting while others are quite ominous. Please remember this: Events that happened in the past do not necessarily repeat in the same way. However, the overall mood, the atmosphere of the times will be very similar, as 9 Fire produces interesting, spontaneous, expansive and sometimes explosive events. In the extreme, Fire could support mass destruction.

Or a new and renewable technology that could power millions of homes.

You can click on the number of the year:

2009 (9 Fire Year / 3 Tree 9-Year Cycle / 9 Fire 81-Year Cycle)

2000 (9 Fire Year / 4 Tree 9-Year Cycle / 9 Fire 81-Year Cycle)

1991 (9 Fire Year / 5 Soil 9-Year Cycle / 9 Fire 81-Year Cycle)

1982 (9 Fire Year / 6 Metal 9-Year Cycle / 9 Fire 81-Year Cycle)

1973 (9 Fire Year / 7 Metal 9-Year Cycle / 9 Fire 81-Year Cycle)

1964 (9 Fire Year / 8 Soil 9-Year Cycle / 9 Fire 81-Year Cycle)

1955 Archetype (9 Fire Year / 9 Fire 9-Year Cycle / 9 Fire 81-Year Cycle)

1946 (9 Fire Year / 1 Water 9-Year Cycle / 1 Water 81-Year Cycle)

1937 (9 Fire Year / 2 Soil 9-Year Cycle / 1 Water 81-Year Cycle)

1928 (9 Fire Year / 3 Tree 9-Year Cycle / 1 Water 81-Year Cycle)

9 Fire / 9 Fire Faces
Born in 9 Fire months in 9 Fire years.
George W. Bush - July 6, 1946
9 Fire Year
Cusp of 1 Water & 9 Fire Months

Monica Lewinsky - July 23, 1973
9 Fire Year / 9 Fire Month

We can't legally post their photos because they are not in the public domain, but here are some other "double" Nine Fires (9 Fire Month / 9 Fire Year):

Courtney Love, David Spade, Barry Bonds, Billy Bob Thornton, Cheech Marin, Bill Cosby, Linda Ronstadt, Sylvester Stallone, Hunter S. Thompson, Stanley Kubrick, Andy Warhol.

Interesting Crowd!

Interesting Links

February 2018. Added Makropedia.com

Makropedia.com - The online encyclopedia of diet and health. Everyone knows that too much sugar, white flour, fat, and salt contribute to tooth decay, obesity, and heart attacks. But did you know that the modern food pattern is also a main cause of breast cancer, attention deficit disorder, and Alzheimer’s disease?

Ignoramus Makrobiotik - Blooming Grove This stands among the very best web sites devoted to the macrobiotic way of life. Hats off.

The Macrobiotic Wellness Retreat - The Macrobiotic Wellness Retreat will introduce you to macrobiotic dietary principles, cooking, and energy healing in a beautiful natural setting. It will feature practical meal planning, cooking, and self-healing techniques to help you integrate macrobiotics into a busy lifestyle.

The Retreat is held over 3 days once each month at Eastover Holistic Resort in Lenox MA in the beautiful Berkshire mountains of western Massachusetts.

Strategy For Evolution - Michael Becherer provides private 9 Star Ki consultations and hosts classes exploring the subtleties and nuances of 9 Star Ki. His web site offers energetic profiles, 9 Ki calculations, contact information and much more.

Shiatsu for people and horses - by Anette Cyran in Lodève, France. Anette also practices in Paris and other locations.

"Over the last twenty years Shiatsu has been adapted and developed specifically for horses, mainly in America and England."

Money and the 2016 Presidential Election - A fascinating look at where each candidate's funds come from and what's been spent, to date. You can click on each person for details.

The Catlin Seaview Survey- Google is participating with the Catlin Seaview Survey in a five-year study of the effects of global warming in the world's coral reefs. They have posted "street views" of many reefs online.

Macrobiotics: Cooking with Linda Wemhoff -- A very nice and informative macro web site.

Got Mercury? -- To help you determine the amount of mercury in seafood.

The Bore Cycle -- A revolutionary, new and interesting connection for 9 Star Ki practitioners. Think sun, moon and tides.

the Non GMO Project - The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit collaboration of manufacturers, retailers, processors, distributors, farmers, seed companies and consumers. Our shared belief is that everyone deserves an informed choice about whether or not to consume genetically modified products, and our common mission is to ensure the sustained availability of non-GMO choices.

9 Star Ki in Polish (and some good looking cats) -- Dziewiec Gwiazda Ki

Our Rice Cultivation Pages - A pastime, for you, that is interesting, fun, beautiful, easy to do, and valuable for future generations.

Natural Health for Dogs and Cats - We want to continue to help your pets find a source of food that's safe to eat.

Only 20% of surfers actually make on-line purchases. Understandably, many folks feel uneasy about buying products "sight-unseen". To better serve you (and, hopefully, increase our sales!) we've created some web pages that illustrate the features and format of our "Annual Forecast" publication.

Nine Star Ki Annual Forecast - A SAMPLE OF OUR NEW 9 KI PUBLICATIONS.

Free Nine Star Ki software from Sonia Hirsch's site at Correcotia.com is no longer available.

Free Nine Star Ki Excel Calculator developed and contribited by Noel Tan.

This Excel file coordinates the adult (annual birth) number with the annual ki, and coordinates the childhood (monthly birth) number with the monthly ki.

Slide the scrollbar to your birth month and year.
Determine your year and month star ki in the right column.
Select (lock-in) your year and month star ki in the middle column.
Non gray colored square shows which house your year star ki is in.
Gray circle shows which house your month star ki is in.


Click here for the file.

Nine Star Ki Toolbox. Using math to make quick calculations.
Click here for details.

Concerning the Macrobiotic and Feng Shui links. I have fun surfing for new sites to add to our network, but I don't have much time! This is YOUR SITE and I really hope that you will send in information, when you see a promising link. Also, don't hesitate to make me aware of your own talents. If you can provide a macrobiotic, Feng Shui, 9 Ki or other related service, I want to link to you*. And remember, we will gladly list regular postal addresses and phone numbers.

*After Nov. 1, 1999: For Feng Shui & 9 Star Ki links only. We now ask that you provide a return link to this web site. Also, if your macrobiotic site has a "links" page, we anticipate the favor of a return link. Thanks!

This site developed and maintained on low EMF equipment.

If you have any questions or comments about this web-site, your e-mail is welcome!

For your free personal assessment & forecast, you can click here!

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