1900 (1 Water Year / 7 Metal 9-Year Cycle / 1 Water 81-Year Cycle)

February 5- Britain and the United States sign a treaty for the building of a Central American shipping canal through Nicaragua.

February 19 - Alfred von Tirpitz says the German fleet "must be strong enough to ensure its mastery of the North Sea".

March 16- Sir Arthur Evans purchases the land on which the ruins of Knossos on Crete reside, for further excavation.
[Built by the Minoan Civilization, Knossos is often cited as an actual colony of legendary Atlantis, the site of the 'Labyrinth' and the origin of the story of Europa and the Bull.]

March 27- Arrival of a Russian fleet in Korea causes concern to Japanese government.

June 1- One Water Carrie Nation, a member of the temperance movement, demolishes 25 saloons in Medicine Lodge, Kansas.

June 5- The German Cruise liner, DeutschlandIII sets a new speed record.

June 20- The Boxers gather about 20,000 people near Peking and kill hundreds of European citizens, including the German ambassador. The 'Society of Right and Harmonious Fists' or the Boxer was a secret society founded in the Northern Shandong province of China. Westerners came to call these well-trained, athletic young men "Boxers" due to the martial arts and calisthenics they practiced.

June 30- Piers of North German Lloyd Steamship line burned in Hoboken, New Jersey, leaving 326 dead.

July 29- King Umberto I of Italy is assassinated.

September 8 - A powerful hurricane hits Galveston, Texas killing about 8,000 people.

January 1 (1901, prior to February 4th)- The British colonies of New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia federate as the Commonwealth of Australia.

January 10 (1901, prior to February 4th)- The first great Texas gusher, oil discovered at Spindletop in Beaumont, Texas.

January 22 (1901, prior to February 4th)- After reigning for almost 64 years, longer than any other British monarch, 1 Water Queen Victoria died at the age of 81.

January 28 - Baseball's American League declares itself a Major League.