1954- As a 1 Water Year / 1 Water 9-Year Cycle / 1 Water 81-Year Cycle, this is the archetype of 1 White Water. So, why is this not one of the most conspicuous, most remembered of the recent Water years?

Well, that's just the point. Water is not conspicuous, it is quiet -- often deep and silent. I think some of 1954's events are excellent examples of the true nature of Water.

It is interesting to note that the following year (1955) is the archetype of 9 Purple Fire (9 Fire Year / 9 Fire 9-Year Cycle / 9 Fire 81-Year Cycle). This is the "eye of the fish" (excess yang becomes yin -- a sudden change from potential to kinetic energy).

February 10- US President Dwight Eisenhower warns against United States intervention in Vietnam.
[1 Water Archetype- The first whispers of caution about a future war. Quiet stirrings. Intuition.]

February 18- The first Church of Scientology is established in Los Angeles, California in the United States.
[1 Water Archetype- A strange new religion. Spirituality.]

February 23- The first mass vaccination of children against polio begins in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the United States.
[1 Water Archetype- Mass use of liquid medicine.]

March 1- An American hydrogen bomb test is conducted on Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean.
[1 Water Archetype- Potential energy becomes kinetic, on a small island in the largest body of water. Quiet and distant, for most, but global insecurity rises.]

April 4- Conductor Arturo Toscanini experiences a lapse of memory during a concert. Toscanini never conducts in public again.
[notable observation- Yet another 'final concert'.]

April 11- This day is denoted as the most boring day in the 20th century by True Knowledge, an answer engine developed by William Tunstall-Pedoe. No significant newsworthy events, births, or deaths are known to have happened on this day.
[1 Water Archetype- Silence, Liquid Floating.]

May 6- Roger Bannister runs the first four minute mile.
[1 Water Archetype- The greatest sports-related event in recent history.]

May 7- Construction starts on Michigan's Mackinac Bridge.
[1 Water Archetype- A water sign that unifies two halves of the state.]

June 14- The words "under God" are added to the US Pledge of Allegiance.
[1 Water Archetype- Two small words express an entire nation's changing ideals. Spirituality.]

June 17- Military coup in Guatemala.
[secrecy, insecurity, stealth]

June 27- Guatemalan President Jacobo Arbenz Guzmán steps down in a CIA-sponsored military coup.
[secrecy, insecurity, stealth]

July 7- In Memphis, Tennessee, WHBQ is the first radio station to air an Elvis Presley record.
[notable observation- See also 'Beatles 1962']

July 21- The Geneva Conference partitions Vietnam into North Vietnam and South Vietnam.
[1 Water Archetype]

August 16- Volume 1, Issue 1 of Sports Illustrated is published.
[1 Water Archetype- athletics.]

September 9- An earthquake in Algeria leaves1500 dead and thousands homeless.
[Water supports rising energy (Tree)]

September 26- Japanese ferry Toya Maru sinks during a typhoon in the Tsugaru Strait killing more than 1,100.
[caution around water & all liquids]

September 30- The USS Nautilus, 1st atomic-powered submarine is commissioned by the US Navy.
[1 Water Archetype- in several ways.]

October 11- Hurricane Hazel crosses over Haiti, killing 1,000 people.
[Water supports rising energy (Tree)]
[caution around water & all liquids]

October 15- Hurricane Hazel is the only recorded Category 4 hurricane to strike as far north as North Carolina.
[Water supports rising energy (Tree)]

October 20- A dock workers' strike expands in England.
[water signs]

October 25- Landslides caused by heavy rains hit Salerno, Italy, killing approximately 300.
[caution around water & all liquids]

November- The main immigration port-of-entry in New York Harbor at Ellis Island closes.
[1 Water Archetype- The collapse of a famous island institution that also opened in a 1 Water year.]

November 23- The Dow Jones Industrial Average closes at an all-time high of 382.74. The first time the Dow has surpassed its 1929 peak level reached just before that year's crash.
[excess yang creates yin]

December 2- The United States Senate votes 67 to 22 to condemn Joseph McCarthy for "conduct that tends to bring the Senate into dishonor and disrepute."
[seeking unity after a time of insecurity and mistrust.]

December 24- Laos gains full independence from France, as a constitutional monarchy.
[dissipation, collapse]

Also in 1954- New Zealand inventor, Sir William Hamilton invented the worlds first water pump-jet engine, later named the "Hamilton Jet".
[water signs]

Also in 1954- The first kidney transplants are done in Boston and Paris.
[1 Water Archetype- Water energy is associated with the reproductive organs, the kidneys and bladder.]