Three Tree 9-Year Cycle

February 4th, 2009 through February 3rd, 2018 is a
3 Tree 9-Year cycle.

In many ways, this will be similar to the ki of the previous 9-Year cycle (4 Tree: 2000 - 2008). The previous 4 Tree cycle marked a genuine change. For the first time in a generation, we encountered a yin (outgoing, warm, expressive) 9-Year cycle, within the larger, yin 81-Year cycle (9 Fire: 1955 - 2035) that we continue to occupy. Also, 4 Tree was the first cycle to support 9 Fire.

Prior to 4 Tree, the energy of the 9-Year cycles (8 Soil, 7 Metal, 6 Metal and 5 Soil) had been more yang (introverted, cool, centralizing). The only exception was the yin 9-Year Cycle, 1955 through 1963. That cycle did not support the 9 Fire 81-Year cycle. Rather, it was a 9 Fire 9-Year cycle within our 9 Fire 81-Year cycle. That was an extremely exuberant, flamboyant and expansive period but it was a false-dawn. Potent enough to have a lasting influence on world culture and entertainment, but only sufficient to empower individual expression in the most superficial ways. In fact, the voice of the individual was subdued by force, in some locations, such as mainland China.

In order to better understand how this new 3 Tree cycle fits into the sequence, we can review the previous 9-Year cycles. It will be helpful to understand that all of these occurred within the present, ongoing 9 Fire 81-Year cycle, that began in 1955:

1955 through 1963 - 9 Fire (expansion)
WWII and the Korean war have ended. There is an explosion in housing, television broadcasting and commercial air transportation. Most of the planet enters a period of rapid growth, prosperity and uneasy peace. Emphasis on social status.

1964 through 1972 - 8 Soil (revolution)
A time of political and ideological change. The Vietnam War, race riots, peace marches, counter culture, women's movement, the "green revolution" and its counterpart, environmental awareness. The first lunar landing. Emphasis on social justice.

1973 through 1981 - 7 Metal (organization)
The ideals and causes from the previous time are absorbed into the established culture. Rock festivals give way to nightclubs. Disco and designer drugs. Watergate, energy shortages, soviet hard-liners, 3 Mile Island, inflation. Emphasis on social pleasure.

1982 through 1990 - 6 Metal (money)
The era of the corporation; buy outs, mergers, Reganomics, economic boom, Wall Street crash and savings and loan scandals. The fall of the Soviet empire, due to lack of funds more than anything else. Emphasis on social prosperity.

1991 through 1999 - 5 Soil (politics)
Corporate campaign funds, bipartisanship, political gridlock, senatorial and presidential scandals, Tailhook, Waco, Oklahoma City, Iraq sanctions, U.N. actions, Somalia and Slobodan Milosevic. Emphasis on political correctness.

2000 through 2008 - 4 Tree (world trade & travel)
As described in Nine Star Ki (1990- Kushi / Esko) 4 Tree's global influences were summarized as being associated with "Air travel, trade and commerce." It is now eerie to look back and to see such direct connections between Kushi's basic summary and what actually happened to the World Trade Center, the subsequent effects on air travel, and in the way the global markets rose and plummeted over the course of the cycle.

Yet the most brilliant difference came about almost unnoticed. The vast explosion of individual expression that erupted mid-course, right around 2005 (a 4 Tree year). Look around. There are still national governments and huge corporations. But their invincibility has shattered. What happens next mostly depends on what we decide. In 2000, the US presidential election was decided by the Supreme Court. In 2008, the decision hinged on YouTube® and a thousand other customized networks.

Consider the vast changes for the individuals in China.

In one incredibly brief span of time, the rules changed. And, with them, the ruling body.

We've already ascertained that this new 3 Tree 9-Year cycle will be similar to the 4 Tree cycle preceding it. How do we know that? Well, for starters they are both 'Tree'. That is, they both fall under the common description of "Tree energy". Tree is the ki of spring and of morning.

Before we continue, let's understand that "ki of spring and morning" is not some ambiguous, mystical, poetic phrase. Simply because it is beautifully said, doesn't mean that it's without substance. In the West, we say that energy can be in two states, "potential" and "kinetic". Traditional eastern philosophy does not deny those two descriptions. Instead, it embraces them and expounds on the western premise. Yes, there is potential energy (Water) and there is kinetic energy (Fire) but there are also transitional states.

If ice is potential energy and superheated steam is kinetic energy, then the point at which the steam begins to condense is 2 Soil, the visible cloud is 7 Metal and the falling rain is 6 Metal. The point at which the ice melts is 8 Soil, the rumble in the teapot is 3 Tree and the whistle of the escaping vapor is 4 Tree. This cycle can be defined for any process, the most obvious being the seasons and the time of day. Therefore, we have Tree as the ki of spring and morning.

Tree is the ki of new beginnings. Tree is rising energy. It is a fresh start and it holds the promise of change because it follows 8 Soil (late winter, very late night, change, revolution) in the cycle of creation.

Now that we have a general idea of the similarities between 4 Tree and this new 3 Tree cycle, let's delve into the differences. Three Tree is early morning / early spring. Four Tree is late morning / late spring. In early morning we wake and rise. By late morning, we are already at work. In early spring, the fields are open and raw from the winter. A time for plowing, planting and germination. By late spring, the crops have already branched out in green rows.

The difference begins to become apparent. The previous 9-Year cycle (4 Tree) was more aligned with the earlier times, in that it was more organized. Human activities were more or less structured and tuned. On the other hand, this 3 Tree cycle is raw. When we first rise in the morning, we have not yet fallen into the daily routine. We are driven by nature, the day is new, our minds are open, and anything. Anything is possible. There are new ideas, fresh perspectives and hope abounds. But high-flying hopes and fantastic new ideas lack general structure. They are driven almost purely by natural impulse.

When we see the brilliant, springtime sun rising over sleepy hills, we do not analyze its chemical composition or stop to compose a letter. This is a time for rising up. This a time for action.

This is the house of the flying dragon.

Perhaps it is best then, to use our old commentary, from March 2000, for the previous 4 Tree cycle. We can make comparisons and highlight the differences that 3 Tree will bring.

Previous Four Tree 9-Year Cycle:
During this cycle, the number 4 will occupy the central position. The atmospheric quality of this "4 Tree" Nine Year period is active, expansive and warm. It can be likened to the energy of late morning, or late spring. Both, being points in time that are characterized with industrious activity ("The plans for the day [or year] have already been set into motion and are, now, well under way").

Three Tree 9-Year Cycle (2009-2017):
During this cycle, the number 3 will occupy the central position. The atmospheric quality of this "3 Tree" Nine Year period is extremely active. Although not normally associated with being expansive, it will seem so, because it will build upon the global inertia of the previous cycle. Being likened to the energy of early morning & early spring, it is characterized by blunt, often forceful, dynamic action. New ideas and discoveries abound but obstacles blocking the path can generate anger.

Previous Four Tree 9-Year Cycle:
Since this ki exemplifies a mode of consistent, constructive progress, one may expect to see some results from all of the activity. And, indeed, this is a time where efforts mature and successful directions begin to materialize.

Three Tree 9-Year Cycle (2009-2017):
This is a time of bold, new beginnings. The process is now raw and less refined. Progress is very rapid but, unless the goal is well defined, the path isn't necessarily constructive. In any case, the results are loud and clear.

Previous Four Tree 9-Year Cycle:
In the earlier [yang] cycles, the world outlook has been focused, more, on material goods, governmental and corporate structure, global management and political control. Now, this more yin, expansive cycle will change the focus more towards planetary trade and commerce, global relations, intercontinental travel and improved communications between cultures. This will be a time for greater freedom of expression.

Three Tree 9-Year Cycle (2009-2017):
Three Tree will tend to build upon this previous mood but, as we have seen, the birth-pains of individual expression and cultural communication sometimes have dire symptoms. If world leaders continue to express their opinions through threats, and individuals through bombs, then many global locations will remain in serious peril. Yet, in most quarters the technical capacity and the heartfelt desire to reach out will continue to evolve. Old-school political and corporate groups will be under increased pressure to be held accountable.

Previous Four Tree 9-Year Cycle:
The planet becomes much smaller, giving rise to many challenges and opportunities. New solutions and technologies materialize. Air travel safety becomes a primary issue. Nations and cultures become more homogenized, allowing greater access for free trade and communication, but this same universal democratization has a devastating influence on cultural heritage, time held traditions, local languages and national identities, across the globe.

Three Tree 9-Year Cycle (2009-2017):
New challenges and opportunities abound, both to an extent that has not been seen before. Potent solutions come online, but most require considerable social support and, in some instances, the correction comes too late or is worse than the original problem. There is a sense of urgency that, in most cases, leads to beneficial conditions in future cycles. The enlightened adopt the best traditions, preserve them, and move forward.

Previous Four Tree 9-Year Cycle:
Ideological and theological states that attempt to counter this trend towards cultural homogeneity take a hard stand, causing international friction. Hot spots are created and dangerous situations culminate, due to the growing availability of tech-weapons, like anthrax and portable nuclear devices.

Three Tree 9-Year Cycle (2009-2017):
Unfortunately, this problem will become more caustic. Faithless ideologies and their adherents will be the last to bend because they mistakenly believe they have no alternatives. As their psychological empire loses anchor, they will be the first to strike in anger, the emotion most associated with 3 Tree. The 2000 prediction concerning anthrax came to be, but nuclear capabilities were monitored and somewhat capped. This may not hold true for the 3 Tree cycle. Historically, the treat of nuclear war reached its peak during the Cuban Missile Crisis, in the closing years of the 9 Fire 9-Year cycle. During 3 Tree, the threat may equal or even surpass that time. The best guarantee against such horrible weapons will be all individuals, everywhere, making it clear that we are firmly against such a devastating option, no matter the cost.

Previous Four Tree 9-Year Cycle:
The quality of life, for most, improves. But, so does the pace of life. For the first few years, things may appear to relax, to slow down. but this is accompanied by the feeling that most new discoveries and processes are so technically complex, that the individual person has little or no control over how they are applied or the impact they have on our future. As time progresses, this undercurrent of rapid technological change will be harder to ignore, as it surfaces into our daily lives, from the pressure of its own relentless expansion.

Three Tree 9-Year Cycle (2009-2017):
Surely, this undercurrent of technological complexity will continue, but 3 Tree is more associated with bold new ideas and discoveries than it is with expansion and intricacy. We are now dealing with rising energy, like a rocket launch. A mood that is more "pioneering" than "cerebral". So, while still faced with developments that are difficult to control, we will also encounter dramatic new possibilities and events. Some, fascinating and encouraging, generating a sense of reassurance or, at least, one of approval. Some, shocking or even frightening.

The pace of life may slow during the first few months, but not for long! Three Tree is simply too active a ki, and it will energize 9 Fire as well.

Previous Four Tree 9-Year Cycle:
Various ideas and concepts are combined in new, unique relationships, giving rise to entirely new fields, new solutions and new problems. Moratoriums are declared, to provide the time to consider the ramifications, before new technologies are placed on-line. But a common consensus is difficult to reach and the moratoriums are even harder to enact, in any practical way.

Three Tree 9-Year Cycle (2009-2017):
During the previous cycle, genetically engineered products spread into our food supply at an alarming rate, simply because our attention was diverted to other priorities, like the Iraq war. Legislative moratoriums were invoked, in some cases, but the general outcome was not so effective. Expect more of the same but, this time around, grass-root objections will be more blatant and strong. In general, governments and corporations will see the wisdom of listening to their constituents and customers but, in some cases, the people and the governing body will in direct opposition, generating strong instances of social unrest.

Previous Four Tree 9-Year Cycle:
In many ways, we may very well experience the Roaring Twenties, all over again. [1919-1927 was a 4 Tree 9-Year cycle in a 1 Water 81-Year cycle] But, in a more expansive (9 Fire) way. Telephone & radio has become e-mail & CNN. Local acrobatics have given way to intercontinental business and vacation flights. Gangland turf battles are replaced by global terrorism. We even have our own prohibition, of sorts. Smoking tobacco (9 Fire 81 Year Cycle) instead of drinking alcohol (1 Water 81 year cycle). Interesting.

Three Tree 9-Year Cycle (2009-2017):
This would suggest that the present cycle in time will be similar to 1928-1936, the previous 3 Tree 9-Year cycle (in the previous 1 Water 81-Year cycle). The Great Depression. Well, perhaps. As I write (January 19, 2009), it certainly could be headed that way. But I don't think the ki indicates this. In fact, I believe it will be the opposite. The first year or so yielding a very slow economy (as compared to the tail-end of the boom in early 1928) but then picking up dramatically shortly thereafter. Last time around, the 1 Water ki of the larger cycle supported 3 Tree's raw mood, including a sense of ruggedness and hardship. This time, 3 Tree supports 9 Fire's capacity for chaotic expansion. For more on this, see below.

Previous Four Tree 9-Year Cycle:
But, I have a question. Soon after the 1919-1927 4 Tree cycle ended, the "Crash of '29" created a long-term global depression. That was during a 1 Water 81 Year Cycle. Now that we occupy a 9 Fire 81 Year Cycle (with the support flowing towards 9 Fire), will we see a "Rise of 2010"?

If we do, it sounds positive, doesn't it? I mean, a rise has to be better than a crash! Or is it? I suppose that depends on exactly what it is that rises. And we don't have a clue. Like our "modern" & extravagant Roaring 20 precursors, global society will likely arrive at the end of this 9 Year Cycle, innocent and unprepared.

Three Tree 9-Year Cycle (2009-2017):
Innocent and unprepared, indeed. But hopeful! Whether or not I am correct about an economic upturn, 2010 will be a remarkable year.

February 2011 Update:
2010 was indeed remarkable. The global markets faired well, yet I believe the real "rise" had little to do with money. Instead, it was all about this new era of individual expression. This was foretold early in 2010, by the global media's fascination with Facebook, followed by the Wikileaks controversy. But the spark that really lit the fuse came at the very end of the 9 ki year, with the Tunisian uprising. It's cast in stone! Now, human expression can overcome even the most oppressive regimes.

Just as the Great Depression lasted for many years, this too will go on and on. Sadly, different groups and nationalities will continue to distrust "other" countries and religions. But now, the primary thrust is to free oneself from one's own system. This move towards global democratization should not be seen as a change in the political process. It is that, and far more.

Blessed Days. There really was a rising.

There will be another year, much adored by popular culture -- 2012, the so called "Mayan End of Time". We suggest that life will go on very well unless, of course, the media rants about the "end of days" until it becomes imbedded in the global mindset. In that case, who knows what crazy things folks may do? For information about 2012, see the "Precession of the Equinoxes" link on our home page.

Previous Four Tree 9-Year Cycle:
One final note. We are presently near the mid point of an even larger time period; a Nine Fire 81 Year Cycle (1955 through 2035). The historical influence of this Fire Cycle is very expansive and is the major contributing factor to the chaotic nature and the rapid growth that pervades our times. This new 4 Tree nine year cycle is the first cycle to have a supportive energy relationship with the ki of Fire. What that means is, as this nine year cycle develops, the Fire energy of the larger 81 year cycle will be intensified.

A balancing factor in the equation: During this 4 Tree nine year cycle, 9 Fire will occupy the 1 Water position. This will help to provide a controlling influence upon Fire energy, until 2009.

Three Tree 9-Year Cycle (2009-2017):
Three Tree also supports Fire and, now, the controlling influence is gone. Nine Fire no longer occupies the house of Water. This is just the beginning. During the reminder of the 81-Year cycle (until 2035) the ki of Fire will continue to intensify, beginning in 2009.

Nine Purple Fire is the most yin energy state. It is associated with rapid expansion (fires, epidemics, world war). But every coin has two sides. Expansion also suggests that travel, communication and cultural understanding can flourish globally. Also, Fire is the ki of brilliance, illumination and fortunate outcomes. It seems to me that it's up to us humans, as to which side the coin lands.

Previous Four Tree 9-Year Cycle:
Welcome to this new era of opportunity and challenge! Better bring your hat. We're in for an interesting ride.

Three Tree 9-Year Cycle (2009-2017):
Time for a new hat.

"A human being is a part of the whole called by us 'universe', a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty."

Albert Einstein- 1950


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