How does it work?

As is true with many other oriental techniques, such as acupuncture, feng-shui and the martial arts, Nine Star Ki is based on the understanding of the energy which surrounds and flows through all things, including our own bodies. This energy, known as 'Chi' in China and 'Ki' in Japan (pronounced 'key'), travels through our bodies along defined paths, called meridians. The quality of the flow of Ki energy changes on a regular basis and, as the Ki changes, so does the quality of our lives and the world around us. Through careful observation and collaboration over a period of centuries, our ancestors were able to map out the nature and the timing of the different forces.

In keeping with eastern thinking, this system is extremely practical in both computation and deliberation. In other words, it is easy and friendly to use. Many peoples of the ancient world knew about the energy that flows through all things. We, in the "modern" western countries are just beginning to rediscover this phenomenon and to apply it to practical applications. For example, in order to learn the healing art of acupuncture, one must study the meridians (conduits for energy flow) of the human body. According to Chinese practice and application, the meridians are avenues for the flow of the life force, or chi, that keep us healthy and alive.

Please do not isolate this concept to the orient. In the (not too distant) past, these observations were applied by many people on our planet. In western Europe for example, the ancient Romans called this energy 'electra' and recognized that it was stronger in some places than others. They felt that electra was especially strong along the sides of doorways and entrances to houses and buildings.

It is also noteworthy, as a point of interest, that we have applied the word 'electra' (electricity) to define the energy flowing through all of the wires and appliances existing in our present-day culture. Agreed, it's a weak and very materialistic comparison to what our own ancestors once knew! You can probably come up with several other examples of how 'ki' can be applied to other cultures of the past and present.

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