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Revolution begins quietly.

Revolution shapes our future.

Trends We Watched in 2001
A Number 8 White Soil Year


  • Concerns over Mad Cow disease rising, in the USA. Along with discovery of highly infectious Hoof & Mouth disease in the UK.

  • The Sequence of the Human Genome was announced to the scientific community & the press.

  • With the delivery of the science laboratory Destiny, and associated shuttle docking port, the international space station, Alpha, is now the largest inhabitable structure ever in space.


  • The McDonald's fast food conglomerate announced that, beginning April 1st, all of their suppliers must provide proof that the cattle were raised on feed containing no animal materials. This was in response to a growing concern over the possible spread of Mad Cow disease.

  • The Hoof and Mouth (Foot & Mouth) Disease, discovered in February, in the UK, spread to France. Later in the month, the Netherlands, South Africa, Saudi Arabia & the United Arab Emirates also developed outbreaks. This serious disease has been dormant, for decades. Why has it suddenly reappeared? Why now?


  • Israel struck Syrian targets in Lebanon, reportedly killing three Syrians, after an Israeli soldier was killed over the weekend in a rocket attack by Lebanese guerrillas. Increasing tensions and hostilities in the Mid-East.

  • Israeli troops seized Palestinian-controlled areas in the Gaza Strip and rocketed Palestinian security bases in retaliation for mortar fire on an Israeli town.

  • A Cincinnati police officer shot and killed an unarmed African-American, precipitating a week of demonstrations, fires and riots. This marked the thirteenth African American death, in recent years, and many local citizens had had enough.

  • The Summit of the Americas conference, in Quebec City, Quebec, was accompanied by mass demonstrations.

  • Gasoline reached an all time high, in the futures market, indicating a long term trend towards higher prices and rising energy costs, in general.

    MAY (8 Soil Month / 8 Soil Year)

  • The Wall Street Journal tested 20 foods that were labeled to be free of genetically engineered ingredients. 80% of them were found to be genetically contaminated.

  • The first edition of the Amberwaves Action Bulletin was issued. Amberwaves campaigns for the protection of grain crops from genetic engineering. The bulletin stated that the corn supply has become so contaminated that "organic corn may vanish commercially this summer". This is the first time, in history, that a natural world grain is in danger of extinction. Gene altered wheat and rice may be introduced as early as this year.

  • On May 17, the CBS Evening News announced that a significant group of people appear to have been made ill, in 2000, by food products contaminated by genetically engineered StarLink corn. Immediately after eating corn tortillas, Grace Booth had a severe allergic reaction that included a swollen throat that impeded normal breathing. Unknown to Grace, that brand of tortillas had been included in the StarLink recall. Other allergic symptoms were abdominal pain, diarrhea and skin rash, along with others who had severe reactions, like Grace. The U.S. Federal government investigation of these incidents remains open.

    As of May 17, trace amounts of StarLink remain in 10% of corn samples.


    A radically different view of the origin and destiny of the universe has been proposed by leading cosmologists. Beginning in the early 1970's, it was believed that the universe began with an explosion that has been expanding, ever since. If the universe contained sufficient matter, it would eventually re-collapse under the forces of its own gravity. If there was insufficient mass, it would expand forever and the stars would burn out.

    Now, a new factor, called dark energy, has been added to the cosmic equation. Because of dark energy, the universe is not expanding at a constant rate. The expansion is accelerating! Therefore, the old "Big Bang" theory no longer applies.

    Instead, it is now believed that the universe may be able to continue, indefinitely, creating new stars and galaxies as it goes. But, the new cosmology does not end there. Some scientists believe that there are more than one universal explosion. That there is a point "in 10-dimensional space" that has been creating Big Bangs forever, each a universe in its own. And this higher space will continue to create new universes forever.

    This may appear to be of no practical importance, until we realize that cosmology does have an influence on our cultural mindset. For decades, we have been taught that our universe is not infinite; that there is an eventual dead end. As the new cosmology seeps into our subconscious, our collective outlook will become more open and more interested in a universe that is now defined as, boundless, procreative, and ever-providing! A new sense of wonder.

    Once again, modern science moves one slot closer to the ancient teachings about an all powerful, eternal and infinitely providing Source. World without end. Amen!


    The Motorola Corporation created a revolutionary semiconductor material. It has the potential to transform the computer, communication, semiconductor and many other industries. Until now, there has been no way to combine light-emitting semiconductors with silicon integrated circuits on a single chip.

    The result is a chip that transmits information at rates that are hundreds of times faster than existing materials. This new technology could transform society to the same degree that computer silicon chips replaced the transistor radio technology of the 1960's.


    September 11


  • First announced cloning of human DNA.

  • Nuclear power plants given limited liability in case of accidents.

  • Genetic contamination of Mexican corn crops.

  • The first gyro-scooter. The product may or may not succeed, but the gyro technology will likely spread to many industrial and commercial applications, including more ambulatory robots.


  • Sydney Australia surrounded by bush fires, many started by arsonists.

  • India and Pakistan (two nuclear powers) face off over the Kashmir border.

  • U.S. President George W. Bush declares that Russian/US nuclear treaties will be ignored, in favor of U.S. space based defenses.

  • Economic failure breeds riots and unrest in Argentina.

    JANUARY (2002)

  • Violence and suicide bombers in Israel, even during the cool winter months.

  • U.S. Federal courts ruled that the USDA no longer has the authority to close down meat processing plants that are contaminated with Salmonella. In fact, they are required to give the infected meat their USDA stamp of approval.

    Long Term Trends Defining the Mood for the Decade (2001-2009):


    Life is a little more dangerous. Global terrorism is on the rise.

    Local criminal activities, like bank robbery, will also escalate.

    Tech and Bio weapons will continue to proliferate.

    Genetic engineering and cloning will become more commonplace.

    Infectious and food related diseases will be an issue.

    The International Space Station will inspire further exploration.

    A new view of the formation of the universe will promote global optimism.

    Energy prices and availability will effect millions.

    Computer speeds will increase dramatically.

    Surprising and interesting new inventions will appear.

    Material prosperity will spread.

    Unless we can get some good representation, the citizens of the United States will continue to be ignored, more and more, in favor of big business.

    Many of the conditions, above, present difficulties and challenges. However, if we are willing to work for a brighter day and pray for peace, all can be resolved. If nothing else, 8 Soil has shown us that, for every act of senseless destruction, thousands of helping hands appear. Our hands!

    Years (centuries!) of racial and social competition have created blocks of special interest, with little or no concern for the hopes of other's, beyond the immediate group. This system of intimidation has drawn attention away from the true foundations of lasting peace and prosperity for the generations; like fresh, clear water, clean air, renewable energy and natural quality foods.

    As the immediate environment has become more polluted, individuals have lost their intuition, common sense and faith. In the extreme, many have become self-destructive and dangerous to others; especially, to those not sharing the same common interests. This is the degeneration of humankind. Global crimes can be reduced by police action. However, the situation will not be resolved until there is enough good quality air, food and water for everyone.

    This understanding is not limited to macrobiotic opinion. The mathematician and sociologist, Thomas Malthus, first predicted this in the early 19th century.


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