Nine Star Ki & the Impressionist Painters

The following graph shows the total number of Impressionist artists, plotted against their Personal Nine Star Ki number. We can see the majority of the Impressionists (10 out of 16) were born in 6 Metal, 7 Metal or 8 Soil years.

Some possible reasons for their predominance in this area are:

In the case of the 8 Soil (revolutionary) artists, the Impressionist movement was very revolutionary, for the times. It marked a moving away from traditional methods and subject matter and is considered to be the immediate forerunner of 20th century modern art. Therefore, the 8 Soil individual would be naturally attracted to, and supportive of, this particular school.

In the case of the 6 Metal and 7 Metal artists, we can apply Ki energetics to the graph. The Nine Star Ki support cycle tells us that:

Fire supports Soil

Soil supports Metal

Metal supports Water

Water supports Tree

Tree supports Fire

Paint is made of mineral compounds (Metal energy) which are suspended in a liquid (Water energy). Since Metal supports Water, we can see that the Metal artists would be most comfortable with, and very supportive of, the painting process in general. Also, in most Impressionist paintings, we can observe a very fluid motion and a high degree of atmospheric reflection (Water) in the images and elements of the painting.

Indeed, the Impressionists were concerned with the honesty of the piece and did not try to hide the fact that a painting was a painting and, therefore, clearly made from paint (Metal supporting Water energy)! Also, we can find many examples where water was the main subject matter of a painting (e.g. Monet's Water Lillies).

The information for the graph was collected from the following table.

The table was developed from information in the "Encyclopedia of Painting" (1970, Crown) and from the on-line resource

In order to remain objective, I developed the list of the artist's names, as stated in the Encyclopedia of Painting's 'Impressionism' section and did not look up the artists' birth dates, until the list of names, as stated in the Encyclopedia, was complete.

There was one artist mentioned in the encyclopedia, Edouard Vuillard, who has not been added to this list. Because I could not determine his exact date of birth. However his year of birth is1868, making him either a 6 Metal or 7 Metal. Therefore, were Vuillard included to the list, it would only strengthen the data which strongly suggests that Nine Star Ki has very much to do with personal skills and professions and can be utilized in many practical and informative ways.

Impressionist Painters and Their Personal Ki
Claude MonetNovember 14, 18407 MetalSchool Originator
Frederic BazilleDecember 6, 18416 MetalSchool Originator
Pierre-Auguste RenoirFebruary 25, 18416 metalSchool Originator
Alfred SisleyOctober 30, 18398 SoilSchool Originator
Edouard ManetJanuary 23, 18327 MetalPrimary Member
Edgar DegasJuly 19, 18344 TreePrimary Member
Camille PissaroJuly 10, 18308 SoilSatellite
Berthe MorisotJanuary 14, 18417 MetalSatellite
Paul CezanneJanuary 19, 18399 FireSatellite
Vincent Van GoghMarch 30, 18533 TreePost-Impressionist
Paul GauguinJune 7, 18488 SoilPost-Impressionist
Georges SeuratDecember 2, 18596 MetalPost-Impressionist
Paul SignacNovember 11, 18632 SoilPost-Impressionist
Henri De Toulouse-LautrecNovember 24, 18641 WaterPost-Impressionist
Henri MatisseDecember 31, 18695 SoilLater tried the style.
Pierre BonnardOctober 3, 18677 MetalLater tried the style.

Agreed, the statements in the "comments" column are very shallow and sometimes miss the mark. These great artists deserve a more elaborate commentary than "primary member" or "later tried the style". However, using these rough summaries as a way to "compartmentalize" the interrelationships between the artists can help to add greater clarification to the 9 Ki dynamics, as the Impressionist movement evolved.

For example, we've already noted that the majority of the artists in this group were Metals. If we, now, look at the four artists who originated the movement, we can see that this Metal energy is, even, further exaggerated. Three of the four "originators" were born in a Metal year.

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