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Nine Star Ki Annual Forecast

A Blooming Grove Studio Guide


As the name implies, there are nine basic cycles in 9 Star Ki. Each cycle, or "house", has its own unique set of energies. The cycles repeat themselves, in the same order, every nine days, every nine months, every nine years and every 81 years (9x9). This forecast concentrates on the yearly cycle and the monthly cycle, because they have a strong influence on personal destiny.

We acquire the Ki energy of the house that we are born into. That is, our Ki number is the same as the Ki number of the year we were born. And, though the energies of our number are not completely actualized until we are 18 years old, we carry the number and the characteristics of our birth-year throughout our life.

Therefore, when compiling this forecast for you, the ki of your year of birth and the ki that you will encounter (as you pass through the different energy cycles), has been taken into account.

The dynamics of some of the houses that you pass through will have a beneficial influence upon your personal ki. You will tend to feel more comfortable, at these times, and you will be more satisfied with the way your life is flowing. Likewise, some of the houses you pass through will have a more antagonistic relationship with the energetics of your personal ki. In these cases, your progress will become somewhat more difficult and stressful.

Besides this positive/negative energy relationship with your personal ki, each house has its own unique characteristics that you can use to make improvements. Therefore, even if you should occupy a house with energy that is antagonistic with your own nature, there are always opportunities. We will point out antagonistic and favorable energy relationships. And we will describe options that harmonize with the ki of the time period..... (continued)

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