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Sonia Hirsch's 9 Star Ki Software

Sonia Hirsch is a Brazilian author. She has written numerous books, including books about Macrobiotic natural healing, the 5 Transformations of Energy and Nine Star Ki. Her books and this software are in Portuguese. Fortunately, being a numerical system, Nine Star Ki is relatively universal. If you have a little background in 9 Star Ki and you are used to down loading and using new software, you should have an enjoyable time with this!

I checked the software file with Dr. Solomon's Anti-Virus© software (version 7.87), on May 3rd, 1999. I also ran a version of this software for over 2 years, without any complications. In 2013, I tested this on a 64-bit Windows 7 platform and it functions well. However, neither Correcotia® or The Blooming Grove Studio® will be held responsible for improper downloading procedures or the misuse of this software. If you don't know how to successfully download a file and use it, please learn elsewhere!

How to download

This software is designed for IBM compatible PC platforms.

After you have read this, click on the line that says "Download Now". Normally, your software will ask you what directory you want to download to. You should be able to click on your "browse" button and pick the desired directory.

If you wish, you can use your Windows Explorer or File Manager to create a new directory, for this software.

The name of the file is QMagico. It is a zip file. You will have to extract it to the desired directory. You should be able to do so, by double-clicking on the QMagico icon. If it doesn't self extract, you can use Winzip© or another extraction method.

It may be helpful to print this information, prior to downloading the file. Average download time will be 5 minutes or less.

Download Now

How to Use the Software

The software, including the pull-down menus, is in Portuguese. So, you can play with 9 Star Ki and expand your language skills. Here are a few helpful translations to help you get started!

Arquivo= file
Abrir= open existing file
Novo= new file
Fechar= save file
Sair= exit program
Nome= name of file (in this case, usually a person's name)
Dia do Nascimento= day of birth
MÍs do Nascimento= month of birth
Ano de Nascimento= year of birth
Personalidade= your annual 9 Star Ki number
Controle= your control number (the ki number of the month you were born)
TendÍncia= your tendency number (position of your annual number in the magic square for the month you were born)

Era Atual= Sonia's number for determining your personal energetics, for the course of a nine year cycle. She finds this number helpful in assessing your long-term direction. Your first Nine Year cycle, in life, is based upon your annual number (the ki number of your year of birth). So, if you were born in a 6 Metal year, your position for the first 9 year cycle of your life is 6 Metal. The following 9 year cycle, you occupy the 7 Metal position, and so on.

I use a similar system, only I take the ki of the 9 year cycle and then determine my position on the prime (5 Soil) magic square. For example, we are in the final year (1999) of a 5 Soil 9 year cycle. Therefore, according to the magic square, everyone is in their "home position":

1 Water is in the 1 Water position
2 Soil is in the 2 Soil position
3 Tree is in the 3 Tree position

and so on...........

Next year (2000) we will enter a 4 Tree, 9 year cycle and our positions will all advance, by one number:

1 Water will be in the 2 Soil position
2 Soil will be in the 3 Tree position
3 Tree will be in the 4 Tree position

and so on.......

These 9 year cycles have more to do with national, economic, political and scientific changes (things on the greater, social level) but they can also tell us about our long-term experiences and objectives.

There you are! Enjoy the software. If you have technical difficulties I will try to help. But remember, successful use will, largely, depend upon your existing skills with downloading and using software.


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