Want some cookies?

You won't find any here.

Many websites install cookies on your computer's hard drive. Some cookies are required, to enable you to make transactions, view certain files and log onto special pages.

However, most cookies are used to track your activities, create a record of your personal interests and to invade your privacy, in general.

While some of our linking partners do use cookies (some required, some not!) every page of our website is cookie free.

So long as your browser is pointed to a page at "www.9starki.com" you will receive no cookies.

If the need ever arises for us to use cookie technology (to display a specific file or to better provide a service) we will clearly mark that page; stating that a cookie is being used and why it is necessary. But, as of now, we have no plans to introduce any cookies on this website.

Why? Because we don't like them any more than you do.

Most browsers have a selection, in their "preferences" menu, where you can choose to be alerted, whenever a website attempts to install a cookie on your computer. We recommend that you enable that feature on your browser. That way, you can decide which cookies are necessary and which are personal invasions.

I have found that most cookies that claim to "provide a better on-line experience" are not required.

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