And Nine Star Ki Annual Positions

To study 9 Star Ki statistical significance, I recommend a copy of the World Almanac. It contains a listing of hundreds of well known people and historical figures, along with their year of birth, their profession and year of death.

Another interesting (but macabre) resource is the obituary column of any newspaper. However, you have to be careful. The age is usually listed in years. So, you can't be certain of the exact birth date of the deceased and, therefore, may not arrive at their correct annual number.

However, if you study an obituary on, or near, February 4th (the 9 Ki New Year) you can be reasonably certain of their exact age and can then compute their annual ki.

If there were no relationship between one's personal number and their time of death, then we would expect to see an equal amount of the deceased, for each of the nine personality types. However, this is hardly ever the case. Below, we have a good example.

Computed from Obituaries- Cincinnati Enquirer
Sunday, February 10, 2002

Before I continue, I just want to say God Bless all of these wonderful souls and all of their loved ones. They are not just statistics. Nobody ever is.

Clearly, 2 Soil individuals are bearing the full brunt of their passage into their new annual house (9 Fire). We usually say that people hear good news, when they pass into the fortunate 9 Fire position. Why, then, are so many 2 Soils dying?

I would suspect that the answer can be found by looking at organ relationships. Nine Fire is associated with the heart and the small intestine. When we occupy the 9 Fire position, problems in these areas come to the surface. Since heart disease is the number one killer in the United States, and 2 Soils tend to accumulate fat, we can expect a fairly large group to succumb when they enter the Fire position.

In addition, 2 Soils are wrapping up their stay in the 8 Soil position (revolution, change). I consider 8 Soil to be an auspicious house to die in. If you have to go, why not at a time that indicates change and new directions.

It should also be noted that most of the 2 Soils were 84 or 93 years of age. Also, two of the 2 Soils were husband and wife. The husband passing on, seven days after the wife. Presumably, of a broken heart.

I would expect Number 2 people to fare better, after this initial entry into Fire. However, we can expect to see occasional 2 Soil's with heart problems, for the remainder of 2002.

Another surprise. Three Tree has just entered the 1 Water position; a time of material difficulties when old illnesses can return. During the previous year (February 2001) Four Tree people had just moved to this house and they were not doing very well. Not well at all. But now, in early 2002, not a single 3 Tree death is listed!

It is important to realize that 3 Tree is supported only by the ki of 1 Water. Like all of us, 3 Tree people face difficulties and challenges, when occupying the 1 Water position. But, they also have a unique relationship with this energy.

The remaining columns make sense. Eight Soils are wrapping up their year in the 5 Soil position (karma). Numbers 4, 6 & 9 occupy antagonistic annual houses. And 7 Metal is just entering 5 Soil.

1 Water individuals are doing very well. They have just entered the 8 Soil house, a time period that can make passing on easier than usual. But, they occupy the 7 Metal monthly house; an energy that provides 1 Water with strong definition and support. I would expect to see more difficulties for 1 Water in March (8 Soil annual & 8 Soil monthly position) and as the year progresses.

The Ki relationships, above, are specific to the February 2002 time period. For information concerning your present 9 Star Ki position, please see our Free Forecast pages.

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