A Personal Note to Our Network of Friends

As a 2 Soil person, I'll occupy the central 5 Soil position during the course of these nine years. During the first half (first 4-1/2 years) I suspect I'll reap some positive karmic repercussions. And in the second half, I suppose I'll be dealing with some of the negatives. For now, I'm delighted that I've made it through 18 years of Tree. (A lot of us 2 Soils didn't.) Anyway, I'll be in my early 70's before this new cycle is over. I just want to say, if I don't make it (I want to), I've had the time of my life meeting you and sharing your wonderful ideas. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Keep making a difference! As my friend Chuck often says, Don't let gravity get you down.