The Presidents- Statistical Significance & Nine Star Ki

This is an examination of 9 Star Ki, as applied to professions. It is a study in statistical significance.

Specific "Ki" types are associated with different professions. Because of this, we can look at the personal Ki of professional individuals. In this case, we focus on the very obvious and extreme 'profession' of "President of the United States of America".

Personal Ki of the Presidents

As we can see, there is a significant variation in the Ki-type of an individual who is attracted to the presidential office. A total of nine presidents are 2 Soils (public servers; those who lend support). Also, a large number of 7 Metals (easily promoted within an organization) and 8 Soils (revolutionaries) have held the presidential office.

In contrast, Trees (bold individualists) are rare presidential material. Also, we can see that only a single 1 Water (deep, silent) has been a U.S. president. 1 Waters can be excellent managers, deep thinkers and can see both sides of a situation or disagreement; therefore, a 1 Water individual could be an excellent national leader. However, it is difficult for the Water personality to maintain a high public profile. Since U. S. presidents are elected by others, it is more difficult for Waters to win the presidency.

The cross section is pretty much what we'd expect. About the only surprise is the low number of 5 Soils (government & politics) who have served in the oval office.

The house occupied, when elected.

The Ki of the house one occupies during the election year has a good deal to do with the success or the failure of the campaign.

Here, we can see that a total of 13 presidents (almost one-third of all presidents) were in the House of 6 Metal (prosperity), when elected! Interesting.

People in the house of 2 Soil (service) and 3 Tree (rising energy) were also successful.

Perhaps the most interesting and curious observation, is in reference to those individuals who were elected while in the house of 9 Fire (illumination, fame, fortune). Of the five people who were elected, when in this house, three died the following year, in the house of 1 Water (darkness, winter). Anyone who has consciously experienced their own transition from the house of Fire, to the house of Water, can understand how this could happen. A delirious, physically and mentally taxing campaign followed by a 1 Water "slump" that requires so much attention to detail that there is scarce time for personal recovery or thoughts of safety.

"In over your head" easily comes to mind.

The following link includes the data used to generate the graphs. It includes the Nine Star Ki numbers for the year and month of birth, of every president. Some thoughtful comments have been added. Of particular interest are those comments concerning the recurring themes of, 1) Death in 1 Water after election in 9 Fire and, 2) Major difficulties arising, after election in 2 Soil.

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