2002 was a Number 7 Red Metal year. Here is the standard description that we provided for 2002:

Traditionally, 7 Metal is associated with Joy. Seven is depicted as the "Youngest Daughter", implying a sense of beauty, refinement and natural sensuality.

Seven Metal represents the West. Red Metal indicates wealth, in the form of copper and, especially, gold. It is interesting to note that the California Gold Rush took place in, 1849, a 7 Red Metal Year.

The slogan of the times was, "Go west, young man!".

Seven is associated with early autumn and early evening. A time when activities slow and thoughts turn towards comfort and pleasure. It becomes a bit cooler. Kinetic energy begins to transform to potential energy. Condensation begins. This is the ki of organization.

Here, we see that the trends we observed, in 2001 (8 Soil- revolution) begin to take on solid form. They persist, becoming incorporated into our daily lives, This continuity, this consolidation will continue, over time, on into the following year (2003- 6 Metal*).

*Seven Metal can be visualized as a loose, inwardly directed spiral. Six Metal as a tight, inwardly directed spiral.

This mood of pleasure indicates that society will strive for a solid sense of comfort, wealth and ease. The West will yearn to live in the same way as it did, before September 11 and the war. To a large degree, Seven's attraction will find success. For example, the stock markets could improve or the price of gold will rise. The last time 7 Metal occupied the center, 1993, heralded the beginning of several years of unprecedented global business and prosperity.

However, the Youngest Daughter has a dark side to her temperament. The sensuous femme fatale with a sharp metal blade. Punctuating the times with moody fits. Cloak and dagger. For example 1993's bombing of the World Trade Center, Waco and the suicide of White House council, Vincent Foster.

Due to Metal's inward, consolidating spiral, most uneven events will have a "punctuated" nature. That is, they will not grow and spread out. But, we should be watchful for other energies, perhaps a 9 Fire month, that could aggravate conditions.

We will want to organize our lives and seek comfortable situations. That's fine, but let's set aside some time for our global responsibility. Namely, the need to keep our air & water clean, our food natural, and to do what we can to build a peaceful world for our children's children.

Wishing you all of the Joy that Seven can provide!

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