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www.kitazawaseed.com The Kitazawa Seed Company- is the oldest seed company in America specializing in Asian vegetable seeds. They have a variety of rice called Kohishihikari, which is supposed to be a Japanese rice variety. If the description is accurate, it should be suitable for making sushi and for anyone who prefers "sticky" rice.

Information provided by Ken Shumway, Louisiana gardener & friend of Amberwaves.


For a quantity of unhulled seeds, to go to any health food store and ask them to check their catalogs for unhulled rice (rice that is still in the hull). Lundberg Farms probably still supplies it. They may require that you buy a minimum amount that is far more than you need.

You can also try this. Contact the Kushi Institute Store at 800-645-8744. Place an order for "Short Grain Freshly Hulled" (No. R001A). But, ask them NOT TO HULL IT !!!!

A 5 LB. bag should cost around $10. I never tried this, but I spoke with the Kushi Store and they said:

1) They can do that on a special order.

2) A 5 lb. bag will probably weigh less than 5 lbs. because the hulls create more air space (so, a full bag is less dense). Still, the bag would contain thousands of seeds.


The following resources were provided by Carolyn Flowers on July 3rd, 2002.

Carolyn also says that unusual [plant] varieties can be ordered from:

Rube's St. Lawrence Market
91 Front St. East
Toronto, Ontario MSE 1C3

(Amberwaves sometimes provides rice seed to donating members)

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