Nine Star Ki & The Free Forecasts

Another Nine Star Ki Study in Statistical Significance

Early on, we noticed that we were receiving significantly less hits on our forecasts for those born in a 6 Metal year. While some people do look up forecasts for individuals other than themselves, it is obvious that certain 9 Ki personality types are more attracted to our free forecasts, than others.

We tracked this issue for over two years and found that 6 Metal consistently drew less hits. The graph, above, shows the total percentage of hits on the 9 personality types. Number 9 Purple Fire received the most hits and 6 Metal drew the least.

NOTE: During the course of the 2 year study, some data was lost when our system would crash or when we changed servers. However, any omissions represent a period when the information for all 9 personalities was lost.

NOTE: The percentage information, on the "Hit Ratio" axis, represents the percentage of the total forecast hits, for each of the nine numbers, times 100. For example, 9 Fire represents 11.7% of all hits, while 6 Metal represents 10.25%. An average (flat line) hit rate would be 11.111.... (100 divided by 9).

Why is the 6 Metal personality least inclined to seek out a "Free 9 Star Ki Forecast"? Perhaps a passage from our Blooming Grove workshop material can explain:

"Most 6 Metals are main stream thinkers, with little interest or belief in methods that are not tried and true. But, they can have very strong powers of intuition, in and of themselves. In some cases, this intuitive nature can become so profound that some would call it psychic."

So, these self reliant and sometimes conservative people already have their own clearly defined "map" of the world. Therefore, they are more skeptical of 9 Star Ki, unless the concept already fits in with their general outlook.

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