2003 was a Number 6 White Metal year. The following commentary was issued in February, 2003.

2002 was also a Metal year (7 Red Metal), so we can expect 2003 to be somewhat similar. If you studied the mood and the ki of 2002, it will be easier to understand the energy of 2003. For a deeper understanding, let's look at the differences.

Attribute7 Metal (2002)6 Metal (2003)Remarks
Season Early Autumn Late Autumn Less Beautiful; More Austere
Classification More yin More yang Less Expressive; More Introverted
Family Member Youngest Daughter Father Less Emotional; More Practical
Association Joy, Pleasure Prosperity Less Sensual; More Material
Kinetic Energy Active but waning Moving to Potential Energy Condensation
Physical Manifestation Flesh Bone Less Yielding; More Rigid

To understand 6 Metal's rigidity, it is helpful to look at the ki numbers that are more expansive (more yin) or the numbers that evoke change. Of the three most yin numbers, 9 Fire, 4 Tree and 2 Soil, only 2 Soil maintains a harmonious relationship with 6 Metal. And, like 6 Metal, 2 Soil does not favor change. 3 Tree (rising energy) is good for new beginnings, but 6 Metal overrides 3 Tree. This leaves only 8 Soil (revolution). But, 8 Soil supports 6 Metal, making 6 stronger. Simply put, 6 Metal supports only 7 Metal and 1 Water, and neither of these numbers are associated with dynamic change.

Six Metal represents the Northwest, the source of the wind in late-autumn, just before the north wind of winter. The beautiful leaves of early-autumn (7 Metal / 2002) have now fallen from the branches, so the general outlook is now more stark and austere. But, because of the crisp wind and the bare trees, we can see further and with greater clarity.

The frost is on the pumpkin. It is time to bring in the fall harvest. The winter squash and the root crops that will keep us healthy and alive. The material consequences of our previous efforts and plans. Some we will eat and some we will sell for hard cash. If we have moved wisely, through the previous seasons, then our bellies and our pockets will be full.

If we have been lazy, or in error, there will be tough times ahead. But, it is too late to turn back the clock. We are locked into this time period and must get on with what we have. If the harvest is good, we can celebrate and socialize. If conditions are less bountiful, then we must be more frugal and alert. But, either way, we must count our blessings and our burdens, in preparation for future harvests. This is the boon and the bane of true prosperity.

Indeed, this concept of 6 Metal prosperity is a double-edged sword. We are reaping what we have sown, not in a karmic sense of patterns and re-appearances, but on a very solid, material level. And because of 6 Metal's rigidity, we are locked into a more unyielding situation. The world has entered a point in the path where there are less new avenues and opportunities for dynamic change.

The train that we have constructed and are riding, is roaring down the track. A fortunate offshoot of this is, less side rails make it easier to see our direction and our destination. This is 6 Metal clarity.

The most recent 6 Metal year, previous to 2003, was 1994. The beginning of the huge, global economic boom. A time of great prosperity in the West, and a time of great hope for many. In 1994, the number of automobiles purchased in the U.S. reached an all time high. But, we must take the entire world into consideration. In April of 1994, the presidents of Rwanda and Burundi died in a plane crash. The ensuing tumult brought on the deaths of 800,000 Tutsi's.

In both cases, Rwanda and the West, the events did not stem from sudden events, springing into view, or from new ideas and innovations (as in an 8 Soil year). Rather, they were culminations of long seated biases, decisions and actions. Those trains were already en-route, long before 1994. Likewise, nearly all important global events that transpire, this year, will be clearly connected to what has already been set into motion, in the recent past.

From a larger view, we see that the trends we observed, in 2001 (8 Soil- revolution) begin to take on solid form in 2002 (7 Metal- organization). They persisted, becoming incorporated into our daily lives, This continuity, this consolidation continued, over time, on into the following year (2003- 6 Metal).

Seven Metal can be visualized as a loose, inwardly directed spiral. Six Metal as a tight, inwardly directed spiral. This tightening spiral will bring us to 2004, a 5 Soil year; a time when the planetary karma will be played out.

Now, all of this has a kind of helpless tone, as if there is nothing that we can do to change those events that are clearly heading in a negative direction. As if we are not the masters of our own destiny. So, let's pause and take stock. We can look at the obvious. We are the masters of our destiny. Nine Star Ki is not our god. It is our tool, helping us to understand the energetics of the world we live in.

Also, in the past million years, we have managed to engage in (and in some cases, to thrive in) more than 111,000 Six Metal annual cycles. No reason to believe we can't manage another one. But, this is a time to remind ourselves to think twice, before we "set our trains into motion" and to caution ourselves that, this really is a time of extra effort, maybe of real personal sacrifice, if we truly want to bring on lasting peace and global prosperity.

Many trial lawyers are 6 Metal people. Indeed, these can be trying times.

General Notes:

CycleKi NumberCharacteristicsNature
Annual 6 Metal Prosperity, Rigidity, Materialization Consolidating
9 Year Cycle 4 Tree Fruition, Branching Expansive
81 Year Cycle 9 Fire Illumination, Fortune, Chaos Kinetic Energy- Very Expansive

Six Metal has a controlling influence over the 4 Tree ki of the present Nine Year cycle (2000 through 2008). This could curtail, or at least dictate the requirements of global trade and commerce. The 9 Fire ki of our 81 Year cycle controls 6 Metal (fire melts metal). While, in and of itself, 6 Metal tends to localize disease and armed conflicts; keeping them isolated to one area, the overriding energy of Fire is quite the opposite. Fire causes situations to expand and to spin out of control. This is especially true for "fiery" areas of the planet, like equatorial Africa and South America. Caution must also be used during 9 Fire, 3 Tree and 4 Tree months (Tree supports Fire) and during the summer.

While 6 Metal is somewhat restrictive, technology and new discoveries will march on. Here are a few of the many new concepts that we'll be hearing about, more and more.

Chinese astronaut. China's economic and technical strength will increase, quickly, for the remainder of this 9 year cycle.

The science of molecular modification, Nanotechnology, will soon be a common household word. Compared to it, plastic will seem as natural as a tree.

Medical Strikes-
Surgeons and other medical professionals may not continue to walkout but, in the medical industry, certain limits have been reached and must now be reckoned with. The excruciatingly high costs of modern health care have grown to the proportion that they now eat into a sizeable portion of doctors' wallets; by way of malpractice insurance.

Six Metal is often associated with hard currency (prosperity; metal money). But, the emphasis goes beyond the common concept of money. The focus is on the material world and, specifically, on all forms of metal. There can be problems with machinery, including modes of mechanical transportation, like trains, planes, automobiles and, as we saw, space vehicles. The issue could be money, but bullets are also a possibilty.


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