2004 was a Number 5 Yellow Soil year. The following commentary was issued in February, 2004.

2004 is a Five Yellow Soil Year

We travel through a sequence of nine annual houses. Once, every nine years, we return to our "home position"; the ki number of our birth year. Interestingly, we all return to our home position at the same time. That is, 1 Water people inhabit the 1 Water position, 2 Soil people inhabit the 2 Soil position, 3 inhabits 3, 4 inhabits 4, etc.

Very interesting. This is such a year. Since everyone is "home", they will have a feeling of familiarity and, generally speaking, they will know how to conduct their projects and affairs. Their personal skills will harmonize, very well, with the ki of the times.

Because everyone is "home", there is an atmosphere of stillness. Naturally, commerce and travel will continue, but there will be an underlying mood of permanence and a hesitance towards action.

During this year, 5 Soil (balance, karma, control) occupies the central 5 Soil position. Globally, it is a time of political karma and control. A period when the political, humanitarian and military actions & decisions, from the past, come to surface on the world scene. In short, the nations and societies of the world will reap what they have sown.

With this in mind, it is important that you look beyond your own ki forecast. Global karmic repercussions may have a direct and profound influence on your personal world. It is advised that you pay attention to international developments and consider them from a karmic point of view. Most issues will stem from the decisions and actions of the past nine years, but a good understanding of world history can be very helpful.

Five is the central number of the 9 Ki square (the axis). All locations are open to karmic repercussions, both positive and negative. However, there will be an emphasis on centrally located cities and regions. For example, Kazakhstan, Chad, Chicago, Moscow and Denver.

Of course, global conditions always have an influence on our lives. But, this year, the karmic repercussions are more significant than usual.

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