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The Blooming Grove Studio web-site was created with and continues to evolve on a computer system with an ACTIVE MATRIX monitor. The active matrix array is a product of liquid crystal display (LCD) technology.

This totally eliminates personal exposure to the strong electro-magnetic fields produced by the more common cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors (the "TV"- like monitors).

Some people believe that CRT monitors "shoot" dangerous radiation from the screen, towards the user. Actually, any small amount of radiation emitted by tube is inconsequential, when compared to the real health risks inherent to CRT technology.

In order to form an image on the phosphorescent screen, the CRT must direct electrons to strike the screen, in the appropriate location. The CRT utilizes a strong electro-magnetic field, to guide the electrons to the correct location on the screen. In order to create the text and image which appears upon the CRT screen, the EMF actually extends far beyond the surface of the screen and the confines of the monitor housing.

In addition, every time the text or the image on the screen changes, the EMF must fluctuate instantly, causing powerful ripples and changes to the shape of the EMF. These strong, constantly changing lines of force pass directly through the body of the computer user. The closer you sit to the monitor, the more deeply immersed in the field you become.

With CRT technology, there is no way to escape the effects of the EMF.

Close contact with any strong EMF will result in a continuous re-juxtaposition of any naturally occurring chemo-electrical process in your body (e.g. your peripheral and central nervous system) and also realigns the iron components in your hemoglobin. According to oriental / macrobiotic medicine, the EMF is very disruptive to the smooth flow of KI, along the meridians of the body.

While the newer LCD technologies are still more expensive (figure an extra $500- $1000 for a unit with an active matrix screen) they totally eliminate the need for a strong electro-magnetic field. This is a small price, indeed, when compared to the long term health advantages!

If you must use a CRT monitor, please use the smallest monitor possible and sit as far from the screen as you can. In addition, you can observe the following recommendations:

1) Slightly increase your consumption of Miso and sea vegetables. Darker, less salty misos are recommended. If you don't know what miso is, you can study macrobiotic dietary guidelines by clicking here.

2) Use your computer as a tool. The personal computer is a wonderful invention, but it can become quite addictive. The universe is too large and our lives are too short to spend them in front of a modified type-writer keyboard.

3) Spend long periods of time outdoors, away from computers, artificial lighting and synthetic surfaces. Breathe deep and focus your eyes on distant objects (clouds, hills, trees). Walk barefoot in the grass!

4) Provide a fresh air source for your computer work area.

Even the newer Active Matrix technology is not perfect. The screen is back-lit with unnatural, D.C. fluorescent light. The text and images are bland when compared to the feast that nature has prepared for our eyes! In fact, all computer users would be well advised to follow recommendations 2, 3 & 4, above. However, the newer screen technologies are a marked improvement over the CRT and all of us can stay involved with the promotion of even better approaches, in the future!

I sincerely hope that, at least, all macrobiotic organizations and groups will make this safer equipment available to their employees, users and themselves!

Best Regards,

Wayne Weber- Blooming Grove

2005 Update

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