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I don't consider myself to be the "Global Authority" on 9 Star Ki. This website is intended to provide a network for people who are interested in 9 Ki, Feng Shui and Macrobiotics. If you can provide additional insights, based upon your own studies and experience, we will be happy to review them for inclusion on this page. Let's grow together!

How Does 9 Star Ki Work?

How is 9 Star Ki related to Feng Shui?

How do I calculate the 9 Star Ki number for the day?

What is today's number?

What is today's number in the Southern Hemisphere?

Why don't you need the exact time of birth?

Should I sleep with my head facing north?

I am in love with him / her, but our numbers are not "compatible" .

In the Chinese system, the annual numbers ascend, when determining a female's number.

How Does 9 Star Ki Work?

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How is 9 Star Ki related to Feng Shui?

Not as directly related as one may think. Both clearly share common roots. You can see that in the "Magic" Square of nine numbers. Also, each number is associated with the same direction; for example, 3 is east and 1 is north. It is difficult to believe that they spring from a different source. However, these philosophies developed in different areas, over a long period of time.

Traditional Feng Shui is Chinese. The rules are more intricate and have evolved in a series of steps; some as recently as the Song Dynasty (10th-13th centuries). Though there are considerable guidelines regarding astrology, destiny and relationships, the predominant focus is on space and location.

Nine Star Ki (Kyu Sei Ki) is Japanese. The rules can be learned in a weekend and the main focus is on time. In this sense, it is a form of astrology. There are recommendations concerning space and location, but they are simple and, usually, secondary. Nine Star Ki is also utilized for diagnosis, by some macrobiotic & traditional practitioners.

Laws, organizations and procedures tend to be more complex in civilizations that eat food of animal origin and refined grain, like pasta and bread. The change in the European diet that coincided with the industrial revolution is one example. The Chinese invented pasta and, historically, the Chinese diet is more omnivorous than in traditional Japan. That may explain, in part, Feng Shui's elaborate nature.

Until recent times, Japan was more isolated and the traditional diet contained more whole, unrefined grain. Animal food was usually restricted to fish. In fact, foreigners were hired to handle meat and to make leather products. That, too, may explain 9 Ki's simplistic approach. Where the mastery can come only through experience.

Neither approach is "best". Usually, we would recommend that you utilize 9 Star Ki for ascertaining the energy of the times, and Feng Shui to determine space relationships. However, they do "overlap" one another, and a more well rounded opinion may be obtained by understanding both. In general though, if you want to know how you will progress through time, use 9 Star ki. If you're buying a house, start with Feng Shui.

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How do I calculate the Daily Number?

This is, perhaps, the most common question. For half of the year, the days advance in a way that is very similar to the months and years, which is in descending order:

9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,9,8,7,6............. etc.

Then, on the 1 Water day that is closest to the Winter Solstice, the 1 repeats. Then the days begin counting in ascending order:


Likewise, on the 9 Fire day that is closest to the Summer Solstice, the 9 repeats. Then the days begin counting in descending order, again, until around the next Winter Solstice (when 1 is repeated and the count reverses again):


What if you pick the wrong day, near a solstice, to reverse the count? Worst case is you are only wrong for 9 days. After that, it self corrects! Try it on a calendar.

Please see "What is Today's Number", below. It provides some information (developed after this FAQ page was first published), concerning the exact timing of the switch between descending and ascending order.

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What is today's Nine Star Ki number?

Ha! That depends on who you ask!

First of all, I will give you the Blooming Grove number. All I can say is it works for us. And it has been confirmed to work for others, as well, without any information provided beforehand*, from Blooming Grove.

We can't update the number every day, so you'll have to do some calculations (you can use the "daily calculation of number" method, above).

December 14, 2017, is a 1 Water day.

Therefore, December 15 is a 9 Fire day, December 16 is an 8 Soil day, December 17 is 7 Metal, etc.; counting down until around the winter solstice, at which time we will have two consecutive 1 Water days and then the numbers will count up, in ascending order (see "daily calculation of numbers", above).

Now, having said that, it is fair to tell you that other sources provide different answers.

For example, another 9 Star Ki service (no longer in business) provided exactly the same daily number, with the following exception. Their numbers switch from ascending to descending order in early July, instead of the summer solstice (late June). Therefore, for approximately 18 days, in late June and early July, their daily number does not match Blooming Grove's. (Also, there is a similar lag for the winter switch from descending to ascending order). Interesting.

2001 Update: In fact, we now use this "lagging" method. What's your opinion?

2007 Update: During this transitional phase (the time between the solstice and the ki-change), the daily number appears to be less clear, as if the ki is undergoing a transformation and does not achieve stability / clarity until the numbers reverse direction. Also, depending on what the number is, on the day of the solstice, the actual reversal is either 9 days, or 18 days (one or two 9-day cycles) afterwards.

* 2017 Update: Since 2001, we've found one Nine Star Ki devotee, a macrobiotic counselor, a Nine Star Ki teacher and author in New York, and the Nine Star Ki service mentioned above, all of which use the same daily number that we use.

Note: The old "One Peaceful World Macrobiotic Calendar" was always 6 numbers away from ours. Lagging or leading, depending on whether the numbers are ascending or descending.

We don't claim to hold a patent on The Truth. My best advice is:

1) Don't worry so much about the number of the day. That's my job. You are free to go out and have a life! Enjoy what the day brings.

2) Gain a good understanding of the way things flow, as you dwell in the 9 Star annual and monthly positions. Once you have a good handle on that, apply the different daily numbers, mentioned here, and decide for yourself. Use your own understanding and intuition to determine the correct daily number.

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What is today's number in the Southern Hemisphere?

Being on the internet, we receive a lot of very interesting messages from our friends in the Southern Hemisphere; especially Australia. One major theme is the ki of the day, where they live.

The discussion goes like this:

1) Well known 9 Ki authors say that the ki is global. For example, when it is a 2 Soil month in the Northern hemisphere, it is a 2 Soil month in the Southern Hemisphere, as well. It is always the same.

2) Well known 9 Ki authors say that the number for the day ascends (counts up) until the summer solstice and then descends (counts down) until the winter solstice.

3) Our summer solstice is in December and our winter solstice is in June. The opposite of the northern hemisphere.

4) What's the deal?

In other words, their winter is our summer, so shouldn't the daily number in the Southern Hemisphere ascend when the daily number in the Northern Hemisphere descends? (For more information see, "How do I calculate the Daily Number?", above.)

To my way of thinking, yes, the daily numbers in the Southern Hemisphere count in the opposite direction. The days would count up, in ascending order, until near their summer solstice (in December). There would be two 9 Fire days, then the days would count down, until near their winter solstice (in June). There would be two 1 Water days, then the days would begin to count up, again.

But this is just my opinion. It is not carved in stone. How, then, do we determine that:

A) The daily number in the Southern Hemisphere counts, in opposite, to the daily number in the Northern Hemisphere.


B) The daily number in the Southern & Northern hemisphere is always the same.

Blooming Grove recommends that our friends in the Southern Hemisphere, try the following:

1) Determine the correct daily number for the Northern Hemisphere. Try using the number recommended by Blooming Grove.

2) Determine the 5 Soil days and mark them on a calendar. Regardless of ascending order or descending order, the 5 Soil days will always be the same, in both hemispheres.

3) Using 5 Soil days as your reference, study every day from the point of view of, both, ascending and descending order. Using your intuition and your observations, decide for yourself, which of the two systems is most applicable.

We have been replying, in this way, for many years. So far, we have received one response and it was not conclusive. If new information arises, we will update this issue.

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Why don't you need the exact time of birth? (As in Western Astrology)

That's a good question. Nine Star Ki is more directly associated with cycles in time, rather than the immediate position of astronomical bodies (as is Western astrology). With 9 Ki, there ARE daily cycles (and smaller ones) but, as traditionally employed, the primary cycles that most directly influence your long term destiny, and your general progress are the annual and monthly cycles. In keeping with this, the numbers most related to your personality and your destiny are the number of your month of birth, and the number of your birth year. For adults (over 18) your annual number is the most important.

Our Nine Star Ki publications determine your immediate and long range outlook in the traditional way; by comparing your adult number (number of your year of birth) with the monthly and annual ki. When applicable, we also take the seasonal ki into account. If our forecasts were to include additional cycles, we would prefer to lean towards the larger cycles, rather than the smaller, because we feel they are more relevant to your destiny. That's why we provide the free "Timeline" charts on our web site (see your free forecasts).

In general, here are the cycles and their influence:

Daily- short term events / passing challenges and fleeting success
Monthly- work and daily life (personal) / newsworthy events (global)
Annual- overall mood of the times (personal) / political and social conditions (global)
9 Year Cycle- quality of life phase (personal) / the geopolitical times (global)
81 Year Cycle- lifelong personal status / historical developments (global)
729 Year Cycle- family tree / phases in history (e.g. industrial, renaissance)
6561 Year Cycle- genetics, culture / civilization, languages and philosophies

Beyond (as we believe it to be):
26,244 cycle of Planetary Precession (6561 x the 4 seasons of precession)-
The rise and fall of species, ice ages, geology.

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Should I sleep with my head facing north?

Traditional Feng Shui has many rules concerning the placement of your bed. In some cases, north may be beneficial. In others, harmful. As far as we can tell, the notion of always sleeping with your head to the north, does not come from either 9 Star Ki or traditional Feng Shui. The source is likely macrobiotic.

In that case, it is said that the planet's ki flows along Earth's surface, from the north to the south. So, sleeping with one's head to the north, aligns your ki with the planetary ki, instead of the structure of your house. The world becomes your home!

While that is certainly in keeping with macrobiotic philosophy (macrobiotic = "living big"), you may want to use your own understanding and intuition, to decide what's best for you (if you are concerned).

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.....but our numbers are not "compatible"

We get many concerned letters and messages on this issue.

People with different personal Nine Star Ki numbers get along differently. For example, 2 Soils just love, love, love 7 Metals; 7 Metals will provide endless support to 1 Waters; 1 Waters think 3 Trees are really super great! And, when it comes to long term relationships (e.g. family, marriage, lasting friendships, long term business ties) it is helpful to know the annual & monthly number of everyone involved.

Sometimes the combination of personal numbers can be pretty contentious. Nevertheless, when the question is "I really love this person, but do not know if I should proceed, because our numbers are antagonistic" Blooming Grove always provides a response that goes something like this:

".....But, the main consideration does not lay in astrological charts or in the ki flow. The main consideration resides within your heart and within the bosom of the one you love.

I have seen many antagonistic matches of the ki turn into beautiful, dynamic and deeply lasting relationships, because there is a strong love and devotion between the two people.

Likewise, I have seen "the Perfect Match" fail, due to a lack of love, compassion and devotion.

My advice is, that you look, not out to the stars, but into your own heart. The ki does not automatically give you the happiness and wonders that you seek. It is, simply, a tool that you can use, along the Way. You have your own life to build and that is, and always will be, your own joyful responsibility.

God Bless You,

Wayne Weber- Blooming Grove"

The system that we call 9 Star Ki is a tool. Very valuable, but a tool. Do not allow a tool to control your life.

If you would like to study the details of supportive and antagonistic ki relationships, you can click here.

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In the Chinese system, the annual numbers ascend, when determining a female's number.

UPDATE (March 2005): The following comments have been updated, over the years, as we have learned more about the ascending & descending orders. For clarity, when we say "In China" or "the Chinese system" we are referring to Feng Shui. Likewise, "Japanese" is associated with 9 Star Ki. For more information about the differences between Feng Shui & Nine Star ki, see How is 9 Star Ki related to Feng Shui?.

Yes, very true! The 9 Star Ki system that most of us use is Japanese, in origin. At the current time, in history, the annual numbers count in descending order. For example:

1946- 9 Fire Year
1947- 8 Soil Year
1948- 7 Metal Year
1949- 6 Metal Year
1950- 5 Soil Year
1951- 4 Tree Year
1952- 3 Tree Year
1953- 2 Soil Year
1954- 1 Water Year
1955- 9 Fire Year
1956- 8 Soil Year

But, In China, for females only, the year of birth would be determined in ascending order. For example:

1946- 6 Metal Year
1947- 7 Metal Year
1948- 8 Soil Year
1949- 9 Fire Year
1950- 1 Water Year
1951- 2 Soil Year
1952- 3 Tree Year
1953- 4 Tree Year
1954- 5 Soil Year*
1955- 6 Metal Year
1956- 7 Metal Year

* (In traditional Feng Shui, the 5 Soil woman would be designated "8 Soil")

Notice that, in either case, the 3 Tree years will always be the same, no matter which system you use.

Through study and discussion, we have found that the Japanese, descending order can be applied, very accurately and successfully, to both male and female (for 9 Star Ki). The proof is in the characteristics of the person in question and, if the individual's nature clearly indicates that one system is correct, then the answer is easy to see.

NOTE (Wayne, March 2005): The following comments are dated. They were written at a time when I knew very little about Feng Shui, so they were written from a 9 Star Ki perspective. They still apply for 9 Star Ki but when practicing traditional Feng Shui, please do use the ascending order for women.

Kathy was born in April, 1954, making her a 1 Water person, according to the "regular" descending theory (9 Star Ki). And making her a 5 Soil person, according to the Chinese ascending theory (Feng Shui). She is easily approachable, but quiet. Her thinking is clear and deep, but not usually voiced in public. Events do not, usually, revolve around her and she likes it that way. She is a keen judge of character, but in a very observational, non controlling way. These are 1 Water traits.

This same approach has been applied to many women and the answer has always been more apparent, using the regular, descending number system. This is because the energy of the times is producing a very yang (downward) effect upon all of us, male and female alike.

During other, more pastoral periods in history, the Chinese ascending system could possibly have applied for 9 Star Ki, as well.

I know a very few women who are convinced that the Chinese system is more representative of their personal ki (for Feng Shui and 9 Star Ki). In this case, they should use their system of choice. Everyone is free to manage their own life.

The following is speculation about 9 Star Ki and The Precession of the Equinoxes.
As time progresses, the polar axis will slowly shift towards the center of the galaxy, in the 26,000 year cycle of precession. As the axis progresses towards the center, the years will begin to count up, in ascending order for everyone, male and female. If you have been living and eating very well and are a very spiritual person, perhaps you are already a part of this ascending order!

For myself and the people I know, we are still mostly involved with the descending spiral of the present. And the system of descending annual numbers works quite well (for 9 Star Ki).

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