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The Support and Control Cycles

No, this is not a black magic pentagram, turned upside down. It is a simple diagram, showing the 9 Star Ki cycles of Support and Control. Some ki energies have a controlling influence on other ki energies. That is, the energy of one type tends to overpower; to dominate the energy of another. Also, some types tend to provide an openly supportive, sustaining influence to other numbers.

The diagram, above, shows both cycles.

If you follow the outer circle, in a clockwise direction, you will see that:

1 Water sustains 3 Tree & 4 Tree
3 Tree sustains 4 Tree & 9 Fire
4 Tree sustains 9 Fire
9 Fire sustains 2, 5 & 8 Soil
2 Soil sustains 5 & 8 Soil and 6 & 7 Metal
5 Soil sustains 8 Soil and 6 & 7 Metal
8 Soil sustains 6 & 7 Metal
6 Metal sustains 7 Metal and 1 Water
7 Metal sustains 1 Water

Now, look at the 5-pointed star in the circle. Why 5 points? Because, in oriental philosophy, there are five basic elements. Or, to be more exact, there are five manifestations of energy. Water being potential energy. Tree (Wood) being potential energy moving towards kinetic energy. Fire is kinetic energy. Metal is kinetic energy moving towards potential energy (consolidation). And Soil (Earth) is balancing energy, unifying all cycles.

Follow the straight lines, in the direction of the arrows, and you will see that:

1 Water controls 9 Fire
9 Fire controls 7 & 6 Metal
7 & 6 Metal control 3 Tree & 4 Tree
3 Tree & 4 Tree control 2, 5 & 8 Soil
2, 5 & 8 Soil control 1 Water

Knowing this, we have an interesting "map" of personal relationships. If I am a quiet 1 Water person, I am attracted to the more lively qualities of Tree people. They are active and interesting. Also, I am supported by Metal people. Their solid personalities provide shape and definition to my more liquid nature. And, I can easily override the brilliant, but more superficial aspects of the 9 Fire person. But, I am easily absorbed by the, stodgy, presumptive qualities of Soil people.

Not only do I experience this ki relationship with people. I can also see this energy interacting, as I pass through the different 9 Star Ki time periods. For example, I don't especially appreciate the flamboyant, chaotic nature of the 9 Fire position, but my 1 Water personality gives me the capacity to cool down events that are too rapid and disorganized. Soil energy makes me feel a little repressed and stagnant (especially, 2 & 5 Soil). But, at least, now, I know why. So, I don't have to exaggerate the situation in my mind, becoming anxious that "something is wrong". Instead, I can go ahead and make the best possible use of the time period.

After all, there are all kinds of conditions that are overbearing or not to our personal taste, but they can still provide positive opportunities. Like driving in heavy traffic. Not very much fun. But, if you're careful and patient, you move towards your destination.

Continuing, I see that my 1 Water personality receives powerful definition and support from the 6 & 7 Metal positions. Or, I enter the house of 3 Tree and forge ahead, towards my deepest goals!

The trick is to understand the ki relationships and then apply them, in a productive way. Maybe the 1 Water person will remember to be gentle and light-handed with their 9 Fire friend. Giving Fire the opportunity to shine! Perhaps 1 Water will realize why 6 Metal is so very helpful, and not take advantage of their kindness.

All of these energies, events and people come from God. And there is no reason why they should not get along together, in perfect harmony. If we better understand the dynamics of the ki, we have a little more insight, to help us utilize our love and compassion, along the way.

If you find that you have an antagonistic relationship with someone, that is not an excuse to be abusive or to avoid them. In fact, knowing the source of the problem, you have the responsibility and the information to improve the relationship. The same applies with the way you interact with, and make use of, the energy of every time period.

Nine Star ki will be of very little benefit, if you do not become pro-active; utilizing the ki to the maximum possible benefit. That's why we say that 9 Ki is a tool. And that's why our publications are geared towards unveiling the potential opportunities. The rest is up to you.

You have your life to complete! Please play an active role. Get involved. If you are searching for your "lucky lottery numbers" or a "mysterious romance" you have landed on the wrong web page.

You can print out the simple diagram, above, and study it. Once you understand, please utilize your new knowledge, the way Our Creator intends. With love and compassion.

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