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How Our Reciprocating Logos Work

Links marked with a have kindly provided a link back to this site. As of January 1, 2000, we ask that macrobiotic web sites, that have their own "links" page, provide a return link. However, we will continue to search the web for valid macro sites and include them in this directory, linking or not.

Beginning in 2006, links marked with are under re-evaluation. They have previously provided a reciprocating link that, later, was difficult to find on their web site or has 'magically' disappeared. We are in the process of contacting them. Normally, these problems are due to simple technical errors (sometimes on our own part) so, by all means, please continue to visit them.

In those rare cases, when we find that they have deleted their link to us, without informing us (thereby breaking their word) we then remove all references to them from this network. In short, the '?' logos are as much for our tracking purposes as they are for yours, so you shouldn't feel undue concern. If they prove to be untrue to their word, then they will be deleted.

Why are we concerned? First, our visitors deserve contacts who live up to their word. Second, we don't like being duped. In those rare cases, the information looked valuable, at first, and it probably is, but we take this very personally. Bottom line, if they can't stay on track by supporting something so simple as a link, then we cannot and will not trust them with your personal health and happiness. Period.

Concerning macrobiotic links that do not have a logo. These sites fall into several categories. In a very few cases (especially in the early days of internet commerce) we asked one or two organizations to share links and they did not respond. The Kushi Institute is one such example. This is likely because we do not simply provide information. As we were invited to do, by Michio Kushi himself, we compete.

In other cases, we made an inquiry and received a response like "Great idea! I'll talk to my web master soon!" and we never heard back. Or sometimes, the site doesn't have a links page or, with some organizations, no inquiry was made at all. We simply liked what they have to say and think it may be relevant to your interests.

But, all 'non-logo' sites have one property in common. We like them, we feel they have something valid to offer and so, along with our linking partners, we submit them for your approval.

While it may not be perfect, we feel this ongoing process of selection, coupled with fair-play, has rendered the best possible macrobiotic resources for you. That's why we've been doing this since 1996. By definition, Alternative Medicine has few checks-and-balances. We don't claim to be the 'Macrobiotic FDA' and we don't want to be. But, after more than ten years of this selection process, we are pleased with the diversity and the quality of the references that we offer. So, please, enjoy the ride and, if you have any experiences with our links that support or run counter to our choices, please let us know!

There is a quick link to our web-mail at the bottom of our home page. Do not hesitate to use it. If you have any difficulties, I will personally follow up. But, you are welcome to provide positive feedback, as well. The macrobiotic way has provided countless relief to many people. Some, who had given up hope. That's why we're here.

Thank you for your valuable time and for visiting,

Wayne Weber- Blooming Grove

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