The 4 Tree 9-Year Cycle in Time

This is a 4 Tree nine-year cycle (February 4th, 2000 - February 3rd, 2009). The ki of this time period is quite different than any we have experienced, in our lifetimes.

During this cycle, the number 4 will occupy the central position. The atmospheric quality of this "4 Tree" Nine Year period is active, expansive and warm. It can be likened to the energy of late morning, or late spring. Both, being points in time that are characterized with industrious activity ("The plans for the day [or year] have already been set into motion and are, now, well under way").

Since this ki exemplifies a mode of consistent, constructive progress, one may expect to see some results from all of the activity. And, indeed, this is a time where efforts mature and successful directions begin to materialize.

For the past 3 Nine Year cycles (36 years), we have been traveling through a time of more yang, settled energy. Therefore, the world outlook has been focused, more, on material goods, governmental and corporate structure, global management and political control. Now, this more yin, expansive cycle will change the focus more towards planetary trade and commerce, global relations, intercontinental travel and improved communications between cultures. This will be a time for greater freedom of expression.

To place the dynamics of this 4 Tree cycle into perspective, we can look at some recent 9 year cycles:

1955 through 1963 - 9 Fire (expansion)
WWII and the Korean war have ended. There is an explosion in housing, television broadcasting and commercial air transportation. Most of the planet enters a period of rapid growth, prosperity and uneasy peace. Emphasis on social status.

1964 through 1972 - 8 Soil (revolution)
A time of political and ideological change. The Vietnam War, race riots, peace marches, counter culture, women's movement, the "green revolution" and its counterpart, environmental awareness. The first lunar landing. Emphasis on social justice.

1973 through 1981 - 7 Metal (organization)
The ideals and causes from the previous time are absorbed into the established culture. Rock festivals give way to nightclubs. Disco and designer drugs. Watergate, energy shortages, soviet hard-liners, 3 Mile Island, inflation. Emphasis on social pleasure.

1982 through 1990 - 6 Metal (money)
The era of the corporation; buy outs, mergers, Reganomics, economic boom, Wall Street crash and savings and loan scandals. The fall of the Soviet empire, due to lack of funds more than anything else. Emphasis on social prosperity.

1991 through 1999 - 5 Soil (politics)
Corporate campaign funds, bipartisanship, political gridlock, senatorial and presidential scandals, Tailhook, Waco, Oklahoma City, Iraq sanctions, U.N. actions, Somalia and Slobodan Milosevic. Emphasis on political correctness.

2000 through 2008 - 4 Tree (world trade & travel)
The planet becomes much smaller, giving rise to many challenges and opportunities. New solutions and technologies materialize. Air travel safety becomes a primary issue. Nations and cultures become more homogenized, allowing greater access for free trade and communication, but this same universal democratization has a devastating influence on cultural heritage, time held traditions, local languages and national identities, across the globe.

Ideological and theological states that attempt to counter this trend towards cultural homogeneity take a hard stand, causing international friction. Hot spots are created and dangerous situations culminate, due to the growing availability of tech-weapons, like anthrax and portable nuclear devices.

The quality of life, for most, improves. But, so does the pace of life. For the first few years, things may appear to relax, to slow down. but this is accompanied by the feeling that most new discoveries and processes are so technically complex, that the individual person has little or no control over how they are applied or the impact they have on our future. As time progresses, this undercurrent of rapid technological change will be harder to ignore, as it surfaces into our daily lives, from the pressure of its own relentless expansion.

Various ideas and concepts are combined in new, unique relationships, giving rise to entirely new fields, new solutions and new problems. Moratoriums are declared, to provide the time to consider the ramifications, before new technologies are placed on-line. But a common consensus is difficult to reach and the moratoriums are even harder to enact, in any practical way.

One final note. We are presently near the mid point of an even larger time period; a Nine Fire 81 Year Cycle (1955 through 2035). The historical influence of this Fire Cycle is very expansive and is the major contributing factor to the chaotic nature and the rapid growth that pervades our times. This new 4 Tree nine year cycle is the first cycle to have a supportive energy relationship with the ki of Fire. What that means is, as this nine year cycle develops, the Fire energy of the larger 81 year cycle will be intensified.

A balancing factor in the equation: During this 4 Tree nine year cycle, 9 Fire will occupy the 1 Water position. This will help to provide a controlling influence upon Fire energy, until 2009.

Welcome to this new era of opportunity and challenge! Better bring your hat. We're in for an interesting ride.

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