Cultivating Rice
in an Organic Garden

These links are devoted to people who want to grow rice in their home garden.

Most of the pages were written for, during the years when I was their original web master (2001 - 2005). Most of the rice-growing information still exists there, but several pages have been dropped and a few images are missing.

When the Amberwaves site was revised, they also dropped the link that enabled aspiring rice gardeners to contact me and, since then, my 'rice communications' have declined. I regard this as mildly serious because we really do need a system that preserves traditional rice (and other seeds) as genetically engineered agriculture sweeps across the planet. So, in 2007, I asked Amberwaves' president for permission to post the information at and he granted approval.

Amberwaves has since reinstalled their link.

My contact address is provided below. Hopefully, renewed communications will serve to promote a pastime, for you, that is interesting, fun, beautiful, easy to do, and valuable for future generations.


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