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Feng Shui
Placement in Space

The literal translation of the Chinese "Feng Shui" is "Wind & Water". However, many of the ancient writings use the name "Ti Li" which, roughly translated, means geography. This indicates an interest in why naturally occurring structures (i.e. mountains, water courses, valleys) exist and how they relate to one another.

Today, the principles of Feng Shui are applied more towards human made structures and dwellings; from a viewpoint of how the compositional elements of the building interrelate with one another, with the occupants and with the surrounding environment.

In the modern West, there are several Feng Shui methodologies and they are not always in agreement with one another! Our Feng Shui Reference Directory provides links to various approaches and methods. We also list some general guidelines on how to choose a Feng Shui service that will suit your personal requirements.