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Welcome to our network of friends! Blooming Grove is owned and operated by Wayne & Kathy Weber.

Our mission is to provide the ancient philosophy of yin & yang and the 5 states of energy, in a modern format. The reason we see this to be of primary importance is, you can use these basic principles to improve your health, your happiness, your entire destiny.

For several decades, thousands of us, in Asia the Americas and Europe, have been learning these potent methods to regain our natural birthrights of freedom, vitality, prosperity and happiness. No, we have not achieved some perfect nirvana. We still feel sorrow and pain, still make mistakes. But, the overall changes and improvements are nothing short of miraculous. You are invited!

You have probably heard of Feng Shui, Acupuncture and Kung Fu. Did you know that all of these systems spring from the same common roots, of yin / yang philosophy? In fact, most east-Asian systems share this foundation. Appearing, on the surface as separate schools of thought, they are actually different applications of one unified school.

Because we feel they are the most important for your health, happiness
& freedom, our website emphasizes 3 aspects of this Unified Way:


As a free service, we act as contacts for people who want to learn more about macrobiotics and for individuals who want to recover from serious illness. Whenever possible, people with immediate needs are referred to experienced macrobiotic counselors with a long list of successful case histories.

We provide free, on-line Nine Star Ki personal forecasts. And we produce and sell more elaborate 9 Ki publications, at very reasonable costs. The publications support this web site.

Blooming Grove has numerous links to relevant sites. In fact, we construct web pages for people providing related services. None of our associate links are established through automated means. All are hand picked, based on content, reliability and the services provided.

We hope you enjoy these pages and that your visit is interesting and informative. The philosophies we provide are not intended to be seen as a form of religion, or "lucky" astrology. Rather, they are powerful tools that you can use to improve your health, happiness and outlook on life. All have been successfully utilized, for over 5000 years.

In Peace & Happiness,

Wayne and Kathleen Weber

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