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Your Annual Forecast has the following enhancements and features:

For greater clarity, your annual and monthly ki is "blended" into a unified commentary.

Energy relationships between your annual position, monthly house and personal ki.

Annual & monthly trigram images preceed each commentary.

Detailed annual information is presented at each New Year.

Important seasonal influences are discussed, as required.

Nine Ki introductory pages with background and helpful information.

Each month builds upon the other, providing a clear and comprehensive view.

Always up to date. No matter when you order, you receive one year of your future.

Every forecast is customized, in accordance with your personal 9 ki number.

$19.95 usdollars

E-Mailed in Acrobat Reader PDF format. Worldwide.

"I am very impressed with how detailed and how personalized it was. It was very much in line with what is currently going on in my life and what I have planned for the coming months........ Keep up the good work! You're the best!"
M.R., Salt Lake City, Utah


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