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"I am very impressed with how detailed and how personalized it was. It was very much in line with what is currently going on in my life and what I have planned for the coming months........ Keep up the good work! You're the best!"
M.R., Salt Lake City, Utah

Nine Star Ki Annual Forecast
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Beginning in 2003, this is provided as an electronic document (Adobe "Acrobat" Reader PDF file). The Forecasts are provided as e-mail attachments. The file size is approximately 250 kilobytes, so it's easy to open. This detailed publication has many more features than your free, on-line forecasts ( click here to learn more ) . And it covers an entire year, providing a long-term, comprehensive outlook.

We provide the Adobe Reader files (ending with ".pdf") because they are the global standard for distributing publications to any Apple or PC platform, while maintaining the clarity and the integrity of the original work. If you use Adobe Reader, they are non-executable, so they cannot introduce a virus.

The Annual Forecast is designed for goal oriented people who want to make the most out of life. Periods for observing, planning and for taking decisive action are clearly defined. Trigram graphics for each monthly and annual position are included.

The forecast contains an introductory section, followed by pages describing events and providing recommendations for the course of the next 12 months. The forecasts are based upon your annual number and your position for the year and month.

Blooming Grove continuously updates the information in this publication. Therefore, you can order it any time of the year and begin to use it immediately. It's always up to date.

$19.95 usdollars

You must have Adobe Reader (version 7.0 or higher) to open your forecast. Older versions may work, but the images may not display clearly. Adobe Reader allows you to print your Forecast or view it on your monitor.

Adobe Reader is FREE software. You can download it by clicking here .

The Adobe program download is a LARGE file (over 30 megabytes). If you have a dial-up connection, the download could require considerable time. If you prefer not to use Adobe Reader, see our "Text" E-Publications, below.

For $12.95, we can e-mail the electronic version of your Annual Forecast, as a text file.

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"Muito obrigada for the forecast, I simply love the way you put certain things. Your interpretation is always enlightening for me."
S.H., Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"Thanks so much! You have such a knack for writing... I really enjoyed your response and reading the information each month."
C.S., New York, New York

"I wanted to let you know that I'd been tracking myself religiously ever since our class and have noticed some HUGE, not-to-be-missed, patterns that occur for me. Its remarkable."
V.P., Philadelphia, PA

"I really appreciate your service."
S.M., Oklahoma City, OK

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"Wow! What a report... still haven't read every word....but gotten through most of this year! It's all very amazing stuff."
J.G., Philadelphia, PA

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"Hi there! Thank you for your very nice web site. I visit it every month."
R.N., Stockholm, Sweden

"Just wanted to say Thank You for your fine work! I received and have been ruminating over my Annual and Directionology charts...very interesting and informative - an affirmation in its own right.."
N. H., Boise, Idaho

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