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  Dear Friend:

My goal in working with you is to help you experience just how powerful food can be. With my comprehensive understanding of the various dimensions and possibilities within cooking, I create a more balanced and healthy meal. Healing, regeneration and prevention of illness is achieved through cooking with care, purpose and knowledge. Over time, you will apply your intuition to the fine art of cooking. This will inspire and energize you and others.

I look forward to being of service to you in the near future. Upon request, I will provide you with references. If you have any questions or would like to arrange cooking classes, please call: (617) 620-0968

Peace and health,

Will Klenk


In the privacy and comfort of your home I teach individuals or small groups macrobiotic cooking. I can also be your very own personal macrobiotic chef. I do Shiatsu massage and teach a variety of macrobiotic topics including yoga and meditation.


A minimum of three days is needed to learn an overview of the basics. However, I recommend between one and two weeks for a more comprehensive, hands-on learning experience. Long term (more than two weeks) cooking or cooking instruction assignments can be arranged after a one-week trial.


You will learn to cook a variety of grains, beans, seeds, vegetables, sea vegetables and fruit in many different styles, including: nabe, pressure cooking, oil and water saute, stir fry, deep fry, roasting, pickling, boiling, steaming, baking, stovetop baking, kinpira, braising, tempura, sukiyaki, nishime and oden. Some of the dishes you my learn to prepare include: nori maki, gomoku, croquettes, pressed salad, boiled salad, grain salad, noodle salad, bean salad, sauces, stews, miso soup, pureed soups, dressings, loafs, pates, marinates, aspics, condiments, healthy desserts, ohagi, and kanten. You will learn how to make adjustments (within cooking styles and dishes) to change the energetics of the food for various physical, emotional and seasonal conditions. This includes how to make relaxing, refreshing or strengthening dishes. Also, I will cover the efficacy of specific dishes and how they help specific organs.



I ask you to be willing to learn and to participate in cooking. You will learn most effectively by doing. At some point, to enhance the learning process, I will ask you to make some dishes yourself, which I will evaluate. For macrobiotic cooking you are required to have a gas stove, a good vegetable knife, two or more wooden cutting boards (in good condition), high quality stainless steel cookware, high quality wooden cooking utensils, and fresh spring water or a high quality water filter. If you do not have any of the above items, I can provide them for a reasonable price. I also ask that you provide me with a private bedroom if you are not within commuting distance.


In 1983 I developed ulcerative colitis. I tried many healing modalities with little success. In March of 1984 I took my first cooking class and ate my first macrobiotic meal. I instantly felt the life energy I had been seeking. I studied with Warren Wepman in Coconut Grove, Florida and then moved to Boston to continue my study of macrobiotics with Michio Kushi and Senior Teachers at the Kushi Institute. In the summer of 1984 I completed their Level One Program. In August 1985 I obtained my first nine-month cooking position with an eight-member family in Phoenix, Arizona. Since then I have cooked throughout the United States, in Canada and Japan. In the fall of 1993 I took Level Two and New Medicine & Human Destiny 5&6 with Michio Kushi at the Kushi Institute in Becket, Massachusetts. Then, for four weeks in September and October of 1994 I studied Level Three. My studies at the Kushi Institute included courses in: The Order of the Universe, The Art of Cooking, The Principals of Oriental Diagnosis, The Practice of Shiatsu and Ki Energy, The Keys to Health Care, Natural Home Gardening, Traditional Food Processing, Macrobiotic Medicine, Nutrition, Anatomy and Michio Kushi Seminars. Additionally, in 1980 I graduated from the State University of New York at New Paltz with a Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education. I then taught art and woodworking in private and public schools for five years. Between 1977 and 1984 I studied yoga and meditation with world-renowned spiritual master, Sri Chinmoy. During the past four years I have studied and practiced a form of Buddhist meditation called Vipassana.


I had pain all over my joints, back and arms. William started to cook, shop and organize my food five days a week. Within one week, I had no pain. Our food plan everyday was so wonderful. I am so grateful to have this food. I have learned much about macrobiotic food. Maureen Nakanishi Ashiya, Japan

"The Ford family are in one accord; William's cooking and menu planning is a superb, spiritual and serene experience." The Fords North Bellmore, New York

"Not only is Will a good macrobiotic cook, he also embodies and manifests the spirit of macrobiotics which is expressed in his food, his teaching and his energy." Goldie Keehn Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts


*THREE DAY INTENSIVE TRAINING: (should have some experience) Three dinners, two lunches and two breakfasts; plus, one food shopping / education session. $800-

*SIX DAY TRAINING: Two meals per day (breakfast and dinner) and food shopping. Includes: Visual diagnosis, EMF testing, and home-health analysis. $1,500-

*These are guidelines and may not address your specific needs. Please feel free to make your needs known and to propose a workable arrangement.

SHIATSU MASSAGE: $75- / hour and $60- / 45 minutes


PERSONAL CHEF: $300- / day


Additional expenses:

If air travel is necessary, I require you to purchase round-trip tickets in advance. In addition, I ask that you reimburse me for my expenses (not to exceed $50.00) to and from the airport (on my end), and you should arrange my ground transportation on your end. If you live within driving distance (four hours, one-way), auto expense can be worked out based on total miles (35 cents / mile).


by William Klenk

A large and growing number of people are unhappy with the quality of the food found in conventional grocery stores and restaurants. They now patronize "natural" food stores and restaurants. Quality is the issue for this progressive, enlightened group of people. However, most Americans still have a quantitative perspective on food. Their consideration is: " How many carrots can I buy for a dollar?", indirectly sanctioning the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in order to get a higher yield. A food's inherent quality is obtained from it's unique history, however most people are not concerned about this history.

The foundation for health is the food we eat. Once one is satisfied and nourished on that fundamental level, disciplines like yoga, tai chi and meditation develop the individual further. However, if the food we eat is weak, if it lacks vitality, lacks a charge, then the person ingesting that food will be operating from that lower, less energized place. This charge the Chinese call "chi"; the Japanese call "Ki" and the Indians call "Prana." It is an invisible life-giving nourishment that flows from the environment (internal and external) into the body. It is sometimes difficult to control our external environment but we have complete control over our internal environment: the food we eat.

My goal, as a macrobiotic cook and cooking instructor, is to share how powerful food can be and to give people a positive experience, one in which the individual is energized. This vitality is the foundation on which to build an empowered and healthy life; and this foundation is achieved through what I call "maximum vitality cooking." It is the culmination of a twenty-year paradigm shift in my consciousness from a quantitative to a qualitative perspective. Shifting my perspective and incorporating only the best and finest quality into my life are directly correlated to my growing ability to love and respect myself.

Here are my "Top Ten Ways To Maximize Vitality Through Food":

1. BUY ORGANIC: Buy and / or grow organic produce and ingredients. Fresh, locally grown organic fruits and vegetables carry the strongest charge. They contain more vitamins, minerals and other nutrients than conventionally grown produce.

Buying conventionally grown foods pollutes and weakens the earth and our bodies. The choice to buy only organic food will be clear if we are operating from our prosperity consciousness, our integrity and self-love.

2. USE FRESHLY CUT PRODUCE: After washing and cutting vegetables, vital Ki starts to disperse, and the decomposition of the vegetables is accelerated. Therefore, vegetables should be cut just prior to cooking (or as close as possible). This aspect of "maximum vitality cooking" can be incorporated easily into your cooking routine.

3. PROCESS BY HAND: The use of electrified, motorized machines to clean, cut or process food should be minimized. The electromagnetic field created by motors interferes with the natural flow of Ki along the meridians of grains, beans, fruits and vegetables, giving them a chaotic, disorganized energy. Maintaining this flow of energy along their meridians supports the flow of energy along the meridians in our bodies. This gives us enhanced energy levels and a delicious sense of well-being.

In addition, the long-term use of this equipment can be harmful to the operator who is subjected to a strong electromagnetic field.

4. EAT VARIETY: Variety is the key to a well-balanced meal. Variety in vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, cutting styles, cooking styles, dishes, color, texture, taste, complexity, seasoning, garnishes and presentation are all important considerations. If we repeatedly eat the same things, we run the risk of emphasizing some energies over others and develop a condition of stuck energy in some areas and excess energy in other areas within the body. Variety of food creates dynamic energy that moves in the body from one organ to the other and from one system to the other. It is this free flow of energy which supports health.

5. EAT WHOLE FOODS: Eat foods that are minimally processed. Highly processed, mechanized, pasteurized and homogenized foods contain no or small amounts of Ki. When whole grain is made into a flour, for example, the oils soon oxidize and become rancid; of greater importance is that the flow of Ki within that grain is dispersed and lost. Eating dry cereal or even rolled oats for breakfast is not the best way to start the day, as these are examples of over-processed and devitalized foods. Processing lowers or eliminates a food's vital nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, enzymes and coenzymes.

6. EAT SEA VEGETABLES: Incorporate sea vegetables into various dishes, and prepare side dishes of sea vegetables like arame, hijiki and sea palm. Sea vegetables are high in minerals and trace minerals, are vital to a healthy metabolism, and keep our nervous and immune systems strong. Even organically grown foods lack important minerals due to soil depletion from over-farming the land. All soils are not created equal, and most are inherently lacking in some minerals like iron, selenium or iodine. Therefore, it is remiss to rely exclusively upon land vegetables to supply one's need for minerals.

7. EAT FERMENTED FOODS: Most, if not all, traditional cultures of the world incorporate some fermented foods into their diets. For example, the Germans pickle cabbage to make sauerkraut; the Japanese ferment plums to make umeboshi, soy beans to make miso, shoyu, and natto; and many European cultures ferment grapes to make wine and flour to make sourdough bread. Fermented foods maintain the beneficial bacteria in the digestive system. A healthy digestive system is the key to vibrant health; (hence the term "intestinal fortitude"). Beneficial bacteria and their byproducts work with the immune system to protect the body from harmful bacteria.

8. EXCLUDE DAIRY: Eliminate dairy products completely from your diet. The use of dairy in one's diet can be detrimental to one's health. This is well documented in Diet for a New America by John Robbins and many other books and studies. High concentrations of pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics and hormones have been found in dairy products.

On an energetic level, eating dairy products keeps us stuck emotionally and psychologically in an infant's paradigm. When an infant's teeth start to grow a mother weans her child. It is time for the child to begin deriving nutrients from food by first breaking the food down in its mouth through chewing. This is the child's first step towards independence.

On a physical level, why drink milk or eat a product made from it when we know milk is inherently for calves and their particular biological needs? I believe dairy products are not foods, and when we eat them we are making a mistake because we are in denial of the foods that made us uniquely human and continue to evolve humanity.

9. SERVE FRESH: To achieve maximum vitality, cooked foods should be served soon after being cooked. Just at the moment a dish is ready, it is at its peak Ki level. Soon this energy starts to disperse and the food starts to decompose. For maximum vitality, leftovers should not be more than 24 hours old. Grain and bean dishes can be reheated but vegetable dishes should not.

10. FINE-TUNE COOKING SKILLS: This includes not overcooking and not over-stirring food (creating a mishmash mush), and the proper use of a gas stove giving consideration to flame height. An understanding of the energetics of food and cooking styles is needed. Macrobiotic cooking classes and books address these concerns. In time, with practice, knowledge and understanding you will achieve maximum vitality through food. Maintain the integrity of our food and our food will maintain the integrity of our bodies. Maintain the integrity of our bodies, and our bodies will maintain the integrity of our spirit.

My services are available to facilitate your paradigm shift towards qualitative thinking and its manifestation in your kitchen. Enjoy!

William Klenk is a graduate of the Kushi Institute and has been a macrobiotic cook and cooking instructor for over 15 years.

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Disease or dis-ease is an unnatural and unwanted condition many people experience. It occurs when we are lacking a free and even flow of energy in the body. This imbalance can be caused by psychological or physical stress. I would like to address the physical stress created by the consumption of inappropriate food.

Understanding the opposite and complementary energies of yin and yang will enable you to make better food choices. This ancient Chinese yin yang theory is used today to achieve an elevated ease-state by minimizing extreme yin and yang foods and cooking styles. Basically, yin energy or force is expansive and yang is contractive.

The following chart is a generalization intended to give you a quick orientation of yin and yang foods and the relativity between them. Each category could be broken down further. For example, among root vegetables, burdock is very yang, carrots are yang, parsnips are a little less yang then carrots and daikon radish is relatively yin compared to them.

A good analogy to exemplify this concept is to think of a see-saw. In elementary school I quickly realized that my friend and I could balance (make horizontal) the seesaw if the heavier person moved closer to the middle (fulcrum) and the lighter person moved further out. Years later I learned this was Archimedes’ Law of the Lever. Accordingly very yin or very yang foods are placed on the ends of the seesaw and have a greater effect on balance. The other categories have less effect on balance because they would be placed closer to the middle of the seesaw. So, the “weight” of the extreme foods has a greater impact on our balance or ease and should be minimized or used in small amounts.

We don’t stay in perfect horizontal balance but swing back and forth. The goal is to keep the swings within a comfortable range avoiding the painful big swings (when the seesaw hits the ground). For example, if one was to eat eggs on a regular basis our condition may become too yang. Our natural response or craving would be to counter-balance our condition by eating extremely yin foods potentially creating big yin/yang swings or a state of dis-ease.

Having a good understanding of the alchemic powers of cooking one can manipulate yin and yang, steering yourself toward your desired ease state. The last row in the chart shows the energetic relationship between the different cooking styles. It is always helpful to know your constitution and condition in terms of yin and yang so you can decipher what direction you need to go in.

The problem is that everyone tends to perpetuate their overall condition unconsciously. Yang people love yang food and yang activity. Yin people love yin food and yin activity. When we understand yin and yang and our condition we start to become conscious of our choices and the outcome. In essence I am referring to the law of cause and effect. Causality exists whether you are conscious or unconscious of your choices and the outcome they produce.

It is empowering to understand the consequences of your food choices in order to create that perfect-ease state. For example you may often order a salad when you eat out without understanding its energetic effect. You may order it because you think it is the healthiest thing on the menu but its effect is to disperse your energy and internal heat which is OK if you are feeling too yang (tight and contracted) or if it is a hot summer day. However, if you are feeling cold and it is fall or winter it might be a bad choice. Fall and winter is a time to gather energy and eat well-cooked warming foods.

Prefect-ease is a state in which we are comfortable in our bodies and have no pain, no anxiety or panic. We don’t need drugs to control pain or anxiety. It is a state in which we have lots of energy, sleep well and wake quickly and totally refreshed with our mind clear and sharp. Perfect-ease is having strength and endurance yet being relaxed and calm. When our body/mind is in equilibrium and the seesaw moves moderately up and down but never touches the ground we are experiencing perfect-ease.

William Klenk is a graduate of the Kushi Institute in Becket, MA and has been a macrobiotic cook and teacher for over 27 years. He lives in Stockbridge, MA and gives cooking classes for individuals and groups, shiatsu massage, life style consultations and ginger compresses. In addition, he teaches Introduction to Nine Star Ki, Five Energy Transformations, Understanding Yin and Yang, The Energetic Qualities In Food (The Doctrine of Signatures), and Oriental Diagnosis. He can be reached at 617-620-0968 (cell) or email him at wfk858@hotmail.com

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In the spring of 1975 Dr. Charles Slanetz operated on my inguinal hernia (on my right side). Eight years later at 27 years old, still in pain from a colonoscopy, Charlie tells me that I have a severe case of ulcerative colitis (also known as IBD: inflammatory bowel disease). He gave me a prescription for pain and a neuro-inhibitor to minimize intestinal binding and cramping that needed to be taken indefinitely. He proceeded to tell me to eat white bread, white pasta, white rice and to drink milk to coat and soothe the intestinal lining and to avoid high fiber foods like brown rice and whole wheat bread. This was shocking and disturbing for me to hear because it was recently shown that a high fiber diet is important to reduce the risk of colon cancer.



Some background information will help to understand what got me into this deplorable state. I was raised on the standard American diet (SAD) and in my college years began to feel the negative effects this food had on my body and mind. The influence of a good friend in 1977 inspired me to become a lacto-ovo vegetarian. I started shopping in natural food stores and co-ops seeking natural foods and a "magic bullet" (mostly in tablet form) to overcome my severe hypoglycemia, chronic fatigue and intestinal discomfort. Occasionally I would find temporary relief from trying the many recommendations I obtained from the clerks at these stores. At age 22 I was taking about 30 different vitamin and mineral supplements -- turning my urine bright, florescent yellow -- "pissing" away my money and over working and stressing my kidneys! Still looking for a more lasting state of well being that I knew innately existed within myself, I then turned to herbal remedies. I tried the Dr. Robert’s herbal formulation to heal my digestive system, Chinese herbs like ginseng and formulations with ginseng to increase energy and vitality. I took bowel cleansing formulas that contained strong herbs like cascara sagrada bark to loosen impacted intestinal walls followed by psyllium seed fiber to help remove the debris. I also tried drinking bentonite clay to detoxify my intestines. I only found temporary relief from my ailments except for an occasional worsening of symptoms. My condition was the opposite of having "intestinal fortitude". Lacking energy and vitality, I literally did not "have my shit together", and the drive to go out into the world to do what needed to be done. Unable to keep a full time job, I lived at home and was dependent on my mother’s support. Other symptoms included abdominal cramping, pain and bloating (sometimes severe), abdominal itching and rashes, dry skin, weight loss, diarrhea alternating with constipation and other symptoms associated with environmental illness (ultra-sensitivity to chemicals and smells). In the fall of 1983, I sold my brand new VW Jetta because the fumes out-gassing from the synthetic interior made me disoriented, dizzy and nauseous. I could not sit in chairs or couches or sleep in beds that contained polyurethane (foam rubber) and other similar synthetic materials. I had to buy a 100% cotton futon bed and avoid the cozy furniture. In 1982 and ‘83 I tried a raw foods diet and the occasional obligatory enema. My condition got worse and I lost about 33 lbs. At six feet tall and weighting only 127 lbs., frightened to death, I find myself sitting in Dr. Charles Slanetz’s office – and facing an unparalleled cross road in my life.



After his diagnosis, drug prescriptions and absurd dietary recommendations, and not feeling confident about any of it, I went back to my local health food store, Rising Tide Market in Glen Cove, New York. Confiding in one of the owners, Melanie Melia, at the height of my desperation, she briefly told me about the Macrobiotic diet and recommended that I read "Natural Healing Though Macrobiotics" by Michio Kushi. Being an eternal optimist, I bought the book and began my never ending study of Macrobiotics (long, big or great - life - art).



The cold winter of 1983/84 combined with my extreme yin condition compelled me to visit the warm climate of Florida. At the Macrobiotic Center in Coconut Grove, I took my first cooking class followed by my first macrobiotic meal. It was March 24, 1984 and the instructor was Warren Wepman. We made and ate; onion miso soup, brown rice (boiled with umeboshi plum), steamed greens (with onion), vegetable nabe, chic peas (pressure cooked), pickles, poppy seed cake, and bancha tea. The effect this meal had on me changed my life forever. The vitality and energy I was seeking had finally arrived. Almost instantly, I felt energized by the food and it lasted for many hours. I knew at that time that this would be my diet, my way of life and my path to wellness.



However, it wasn’t until June 14, 1984 (Flag Day) when I arrived in Brookline, Massachusetts to study at the Kushi Institute that I started to eat macrobiotically on a regular basis. I lived in a macrobiotic study house which included room and board. After a few days of eating a balanced diet my symptoms associated with the colitis subsided and completely cleared up after one week. However, if I deviated from the diet by eating an extremely yin or yang food my symptoms would briefly return. After a year or two my intestines were healed and I widened my diet and could occasionally eat more extreme foods and not experience the symptoms of colitis.



It was all about food and its powerful effect on my condition. In 400 BC Hippocrates said "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food". This macrobiotic and gentle approach to wellness is not a fad that comes and goes. It is our heritage and our birth right to empower ourselves with natures wide variety of whole foods.

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Can You Drink Too Much Water?

The answer is YES. Too much is too much. One can drink or eat too much of anything. The question should be "How much water is too much?" The answer to that question is: it all depends on a person's age, daily activity, atmospheric conditions and other liquids and foods consumed.

Kids and young adults need more water because they are still growing and they have a higher metabolic rate. If your activity level is high you will require more water. Running, dancing, swimming, biking and house cleaning are all highly aerobic activities that require us to breathe more heavily. We lose water through evaporation inside the lungs. I can see evidence of this when I clean my reading glasses. When I exhale on them, condensation of the water vapor will appear.

If the atmosphere is dry we lose more water. Indoor heating and cooling systems will dry out the air, requiring the consumption of more water. Also, in a hot climate we will lose more water by sweating in order to maintain body temperature homeostasis.

If the water content of your food is low you will need to drink more. Hard, dry, baked flour products like bread, crackers, cookies and pretzels will pull water out of your system as they are being digested. However, if you consume moist food or food with high water content like vegetables, fruit, whole grains and beans that are raw, blanched, boiled, steamed, sautéed or pressure cooked your need to drink water will be less.

So, the notion that we all need to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily is nonsense. In order to be healthy our body needs to maintain homeostasis. One of the many functions of our kidneys is to regulate water and mineral concentrations in the bloodstream. Consequently, if we drink too much water or eat too much salt our kidneys will be stressed and they will need to work harder in order to maintain that balance.

The wisest thing to do is to drink when you are thirsty because given all the variables one can not quantitatively determine how much water to drink.

There are different sources of water available to us these days. Which is the healthiest to drink? From a qualitative perspective, I recommend purchasing a high quality water filter with an activated carbon-block cartridge. Energetically and physically, water from this type filter is the closest to nature as possible. In nature water flows underground or in streams and contains minerals. Solid carbon-block filtration uses flowing water (through pipes leading to your home) and does not remove any of the vital minerals.

We have all heard of the magical healing powers of spring water do to an assortment of minerals. However, what is not widely understood is that water's healing power lies not only in minerals but also in its life force created by flowing movement. Energetically, bottled water has lost its connection with the healing powers of nature and has become stagnant.

Never buy bottled water. The markup on bottled water is about 3,000 to 4,000% and has been sitting in that bottle for up to two years. As it sits and stagnates on the supermarket shelf, it potentially absorbs harmful plastic compounds linked to hormonal disturbances. The list of plastic compounds is long but one example is PET (polyethylene terephthalate), a substance that mimics estrogen. PET is everywhere and most plastic water bottles are made with this resin. It has an identification code number "1" inside the universal recycling symbol located on the bottom of these bottles. Use only stainless steel or glass water bottles and fill them up at home using a filter.

Do yourself and your kidneys a service by tuning into your body's natural cravings and align yourself with all that is natural. Instead of having a preconceived notion as to how much water to drink, recognize when you are truly thirsty and drink an appropriate amount of high quality water.

William Klenk has been an independent Multipure Water Filter distributor for over 16 years and has solved the drinking water problems of hundreds of families. He also teaches macrobiotics and gives life style consultations and cooking classes for individuals and groups. He is a graduate of the Kushi Institute in Becket, MA. He can be reached at 617-620-0968 or email him at wfk858@hotmail.com His web-page can be found at http://www.9starki.com/will.htm



Since 1985 I have been cooking macrobiotically for myself and others (as a macrobiotic personal chef throughout the US, Canada and in Japan). . I also give cooking classes for individuals and groups, shiatsu massage, life style consultations, ginger compresses and ear coning. In addition I also teach: Introduction to Nine Star Ki, Five Energy Transformations, Understanding Yin and Yang, The Energetics of Food (The Doctrine of Signatures), and Oriental Diagnosis. I can be reached at 617-620-0968 or email me at wfk858@hotmail.com.

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